Top 50 Inflatable Party Equipment Rentals

2022 Top 50 Inflatable Party Equipment Rentals

2022 Top 10 Inflatable Jumper House Rentals

Jumper rentals are one of the best additions to any party. Their various attachments like the slides and basketball hoops make your event more exciting. Since the rental companies offer delivery, tear down, and set-up services, renting one should be easy and convenient.

On the other hand, Noya can customize corporate gifts or promotional products to make your event more memorable. With promotional products and an inflatable jumper, you can make your event or party more personalized and unique.

While Noya takes care of the branding promotional products, let’s find the best jump house rentals.

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1. Wow Party Rental

Wow Party Rental offers a wide range of themed jumper rentals such as Despicable Me, Marvel Avengers, Toy Story, Paw Patrol, Incredibles, and Justice League. Aside from jump house rentals, they also offer interactive games such as twister, Velcro wall, inflatable boxing rings, bungee run, sumo suits, water tag, and jousting.

They deliver throughout Orange County, Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. You can rent arcade games, inflatable combos, obstacle courses, water slides, tables, linens, and chairs from them, besides jumper houses. With these many options, you don’t have to go anywhere for your party needs.


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2. Go Jumper

Go Jumper has been renting bouncer games and inflatable jumpers in Los Angeles County and Orange Country for more than 16 years. From Jurassic Park to castles, they offer a wide range of jumper rentals for a reasonable price. The smallest of their bouncer units is 10×10, which is perfect for small spaces and little kids.

Their jumpers also have extra-large safety steps, rules and safety signs, large windows, and four anchor straps to prevent the jumper from moving. Aside from adding new inflatable jumpers regularly, they clean their products every week. Perhaps the best thing is their prices include delivery, set-up, and pick-up within their delivery area.


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3. Jump “N” Party Inflatables

Jump “N” Party Inflatables offers combination jumpers, traditional jumpers, waterslides, and dry slides. These are available in various themes such as Disney’s Cars, Strawberry Shortcake, Mickey Mouse, Dinosaurs, Emoji, and a lot more. Jump “N” Party Inflatables delivers to San Diego County and Orange County and most of the South Riverside County and Inland Empire.

Aside from jumpers, you can rent obstacle courses, inflatable movie screens, games, and dance domes in various sizes. Jump “N” Party Inflatables provides free set-up as well. Plus, they are insured, licensed, and PTA, and school-approved. You’ll also love that they have snow cones, cotton candy, and popcorn machines for rent.


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4. Extra Fun Jumpers

Extra Fun Jumpers provides jumper house rentals for birthday parties, harvest festivals, carnivals, and other special occasions throughout San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. They offer themed jumper rentals in different sizes. Some of their jumpers have a basketball hoop, climber, bouncing area, and slide.

You’ll also find combos perfect for parks or small areas that can only accommodate 15×15 inflatables. When it comes to jumper rentals, you can pick from themes like Power Rangers, Curious George, Dora the Explorer, Justice League, SpongeBob, Little Mermaid, and more. These many options can make any party or event extra fun, thanks to Extra Fun Jumpers.


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5. L.A. Inflatables Rental
L.A. Inflatables Rental offers a large selection of combo jumper house rentals, concession machines, interactive games, dry slides, water slides, and obstacle courses in different colors, sizes, and themes. As a full-service rental company, they promise to handle their inflatables’ delivery, take-down, removal, and set-up.

The company is based in Los Angeles, Cana, and delivers inflatables throughout Los Angeles County. All of their inflatable jumpers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after the event. If you’re looking for jumper house rentals, they also provide chairs and tables to seat your guests. In addition, you can get discounts if you’re renting multiple items.


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6. Cindy’s Jumpers

Cindy’s Jumpers offers everything from bouncers to jumper rentals. They have rental equipment for corporate events, fundraisers, company picnics, birthday parties, and all kinds of events. Cindy’s Jumpers also can provide you with patio heaters, tables, popcorn machines, chairs, margarita machines, lounge furniture, frame tents, cocktail tables, and more.

The company’s jumper rentals come in various sizes, colors, and themes. Your options include 13’x15’ modular jumpers, 11’x13’ multicolor castle jumpers, 8’x10’ toddler mini jumpers, and 16’x20’ extra-large jumpers. They have Frozen, Cars, Ninja Turtles, and Little Mermaid jumpers if you need themed ones.


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7. Magic Jump Rentals

Magic Jump Rentals offers inflatable rentals for all occasions like business events, carnivals, birthday parties, weddings, park events, anniversaries, and picnics. Having been in the business since 1996, MJR is one of the most trusted and biggest rental companies in Southern California. You can trust their inflatable jumper house rentals are the best for everyone’s fun.

Magic Jump Rentals delivers jumpers, obstacle courses, slides, rock walls, euro bungees, and photo booths throughout Los Angeles County. You can pick from varying sizes of jumpers that include 15×13, 13×10, 13×14, and 13×12. Besides jumper rentals, they offer bouncers, mechanical rides, concession machines, movie screens, and many more.


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8. Bay Area Jump

Bay Area Jump offers more than 500 units of jumper rentals to pick from. We’re sure you can find the jumper that fits your needs with their character-themed inflatable jumper rentals available in different colors and sizes. If you want, they can also customize your jumper with one of the character or theme panels offered by the company.

Bay Area Jump also offers a wide selection of dunk tanks, trackless trains, water slides, slips and slides, tables, tents, chairs, and concession machines. They can provide staff for your event too. In addition, they have large combo bouncers with extra features such as popup obstacles and basketball hoops.


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9. B.R. Party Rental

B.R. Party Rental delivers inflatable jumpers, water slides, obstacle courses, tents, stage platforms, and carnival games throughout Los Angeles County. All units are in excellent condition, sanitized, and serviced. You can pick from 10×10, 13×13, and 15×15 jumper rentals for all occasions.

At B.R. Party Rental, the options include modular jumpers and units with exciting features like hoops and art panels. In addition, they have themed units such as a boxing ring, sports arena, soldier, Disney princess, and carousel jumpers. When it comes to jumpers, they have ones that fit any event perfectly and are designed to accommodate any event.


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10. Aladin Jumpers

Aladin Jumpers has been providing commercial-grade jumper rentals throughout San Fernando Valley since 1999. Aside from jumper rentals, you can rent water slides, combos, party tents, and umbrellas for all occasions. They have standard 13×13 jumpers, castles, banner styles, and themed units.

Aladin Jumpers also offers 20×20 and 15×15 jumpers. Since they have over 200 art panels to choose from, you can find what you need for your event. Whether you’re looking for a fire truck or ice cream truck-themed jumper, you can find it at Aladin Jumpers. Also, each rental is serviced before you receive them.

The best thing about inflatable rentals is that they come in different colors, themes, and shapes, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a dinosaur or princess-themed inflatable jumper rental, you’ll find what you need.


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2021 The Best 10 Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

Inflatable water slides are popular staples at graduation parties, company picnics, birthday events, and other occasions. So, if you need a way to make your event more fun, why not rent inflatable water slide?

And while you’re at it, how about giving away customized corporate gifts during your party? It’s one of the best things that can make your event more memorable. As a leading supplier of promotional products, Noya provides a vast selection of customized corporate gifts for all occasions.

Noya can take care of your promotional products. Now, let’s see what the best inflatable water slide rentals have to offer.

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1. Inflatable Adventures

Inflatable Adventures offers more than 80 party rentals for all occasions. Aside from providing inflatable slide rental, carnival game rental, inflatable games, and bouncers, Inflatable Adventures also offers event planning throughout California.

They specialize in company picnic games, corporate events, church festivals, and school graduation events. All their inflatables and party rental items are insured and in good condition. Whether you’re looking for a Mighty Kraken or Jungle Paradise water slide, you can find it here.


2. L.A. Inflatables Rental

L.A. Inflatables Rental offers a wide range of inflatable water slides in different sizes. They have toddler water slides, giant water slides, medium water slides, and water slide/bounce house combos. All of their water slides have “no jump” nets to ensure the guests” safety.

All of their water slides are cleaned and sanitized after each event. Each unit is lead-free and comes with safety accessories. Aside from blow up water slide rental, L.A. Inflatables Rental also offers interactive games, obstacle courses, and bounce houses for all occasions.


3. Extra Fun Jumpers

Extra Fun Jumpers delivers water slides throughout San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. They also have combo bounce and water slides, obstacle courses, and interactive games. Since they have more than 300 bouncers, you can find the perfect unit for your event.

Your options are many, such as a 30” single lane water slide with pool and a two-lane multicolor combo. This inflatable has a bouncing area, a pool, and two slides. It’s a unit that is great for corporate events, carnivals, schools, and other events.


4. 909 Jumpers

909 Jumpers offers a wide range of water slides and other party items in Fontana, California. They also have dry slides, interactive games, bounce houses, and obstacle courses. They also have holiday-themed events and birthday parties.

Their inflatable selection is perfect for kids aged three and above. Depending on the inflatable, it can accommodate eight to 12 guests at once. 909 Jumpers will deliver and set up the slide, so no need to worry about that.


5. Wow Party Rental

Wow Party Rental has mini and giant water slides in different colors, themes, and sizes. So, whether you’re looking for single-lane or two-lane slides, you can find them here. There’s a mini four-in-one combo with a large jumping area, safety ramp, and large windows that allow family and friends to keep tabs on the kids.

The unit also comes with a basketball hoop, pool, and padded climb. Wow Party Rentals also have themed slides, such as Frozen and pirate ship-themed water slides. The Frozen-themed slide can be used wet or dry and comes with a water hose attachment as well. And if your space is limited, you can go for the mini slides.


6. Boomer Events

Water slides will keep your guests entertained for hours. So, if you need a water slide rental in Southern California, one of your best options is Boomer Events. They have water slides that can accommodate over 300 guests per hour, even a water slide for toddlers.

Aside from water slides, they also offer bounce houses, mechanical bull rental, tents, chairs, and other party items. Each unit is park-approved and insured. Boomer Events serves Orange County, Los Angeles, Southern California, and Inland Empire.


7. Fantasy World Entertainment

Fantasy World Entertainment offers a wide selection of themed water slides. They have three-lane, one-lane, and two-lane slides for outdoor parties. You can pick from their slide selection that includes BMX Bikes, Waves of Fire, Alligators, Krakens, and Sharks.

Aside from water slides, Fantasy World offers carnival games, classic casino services, rock walls, ax throwing, arcade games, laser tag, and more. They are based in Maryland, but they also operate, deliver, and set up in Florida, East of the Mississippi, and New York.


8. Action Packed Parties

Action Packed Parties offers water slides in different sizes and colors. They have 14” tall and 32” giant water slides with safety features. These giant slides have long landings and safety nets, so they’re perfect for corporate events, home parties, and other events.

They have themed water slides as well. Action Packed Parties offers wild rapids, corkscrew, tropical, fire & ice rapids, Hawaiian, castle, Frozen, U.S. warship, and combo bouncer water slides throughout Georgia.


9. Inflatable Party Magic

Inflatable Party Magic provides water slides to Fort Worth, Burleson, and DFW, Texas. They have water slides that are perfect for kids, adults, and teens. Inflatable Party Magic also offers eight-hour rentals at a reasonable price.

One of their units is a tropical-themed slide with an obstacle course. It’s a double-lane slide that is suitable for both kids and adults. They also have a 24” twin-turbo slide with a checkered flag, so it’s perfect for race car-themed parties.


10. Inflate-A-Party

Inflate-A-Party offers the best selection of water slides in Raleigh, NC. You can rent water slides ranging from 15” to 27” slides. The 27” water slide is three stories tall, making it the largest water slide in North Carolina.

Each of their slides comes with a sprinkler system as well. Some of their slides have a pool, making it easy for your guests to cool off and have fun during the party. All of their water slides are cleaned and sanitized after each event.

These are the best inflatable water slide rentals that are the best options for your party. All of these units can make your event more fun and worth remembering. So, whatever you pick, you’re assured that you’re getting the best value for your money.


2021 The Top 10 Inflatable Bounce House Rentals

Renting an inflatable bounce house can seem stressful, but it’s actually a fun addition to any party or event. If you’re worried about setting them up and undoing them once the event is over, the answer you’re looking for is bounce house rentals.

The right bounce house rental provides a complete service, so you have nothing else to do but enjoy. Besides a bounce house, you can add flair to your event through custom promotional products. On that note, Noya can custom printed gifts to promote your brand.

These custom items are perfect for making any event unforgettable. With that said, Noya can handle the promotional products while the following companies can take care of the inflatable bounce house rental you need.

1. Jump Around Party Jumpers

If you’re in the Las Vegas area and looking for an inflatable bounce house, Jump Around Party Jumpers is one of the best places to check. They have all kinds of jumpers there, including themed bounce houses for kids into princesses, unicorns, and the like.

Whether it’s a birthday party, family reunion, graduation, or even a corporate event, their jumpers make it more fun. The best thing is their prices are affordable, they’re professional, and the bounce houses you can rent are all clean.


2. Bounce Party Rentals

Bounce Party Rentals is a party supply company specializing in event rentals, including bounce houses. They have inflatables of all kinds and event supplies at discount prices. At the same time, they promise to provide rentals that are clean and well-kept.

The company has an excellent selection of bounce house rentals—inflatables that are fun and exciting for all ages. They’re great for any occasion, birthdays, graduations, and the like. These inflatables are also great for corporate events, making sure the kids are entertained.


3. Bouncey House Rentals

One of the best places to get inflatable bounce house rental in Sacramento is Bouncey House Rentals. It’s where you can find various event rentals such as rock walls, water slides, tents, tables and chairs, and of course, bounce houses too.

The best thing is they also cater to corporate events. Many would think that bounce houses are only for house parties, but they can be helpful for branding. Working with a rental service like Bouncey House Rentals can help you create a lasting impact on your clients.


4. Bounce House Rentals

Bounce House Rentals is committed to providing a family with fun on any occasion or event in the Greater Sacramento area. They offer all kinds of inflatable bounce houses that are clean, well-maintained, and sanitized to ensure clients have fun with peace of mind.

One of the things that make Bounce House Rentals is their bounce house options that are over 100. It goes to say there is a bounce house here that suits your needs. Bounce House has something for you, from the smallest to the biggest, themed houses, boy, girl, or combo.


5. Party On Rentals

The safety of the kids is one of the most important priorities of Party On Rentals in their bounce house rentals. Thanks to their professional engineers, they can make sure to provide sturdy bounce houses that can withstand whatever kind of fun kids have in mind.

Clients love the artwork and design of their bounce houses. Because the bounce houses come in detailed designs, whether cartoon characters, animals, etc., kids totally love them. Parents love them too for having more than 70 different styles and sizes of bounce houses available.


6. Awesome Bounce

Awesome Bounce stands out from competitors for its complete package service. They offer inflatable bounce house rental but provide delivery, setup, and removal as well. Clients don’t have to do anything else but enjoy and have fun.

The company also has many inflatable bounce houses in all sizes, shapes, and designs. Themed bounce houses are trendy, particularly for house parties. But of course, Awesome Bounce offers its bounce house rentals for corporate events.


7. The Fun Company

The Fun Company prides itself as a professional party planner and a one-stop shop. It has all kinds of rentals, including bounce houses, of course. They also have party packages for kids’ parties, teens & adults, and corporate parties.

They would know how to take advantage of bounce houses for your corporate event. Their services aren’t only limited to bounce house rentals and arcade video games, slides, and more. They have all kinds of services to make your party or event more memorable.


8. Cowboy Party Rentals

From inflatables to party extras, Cowboy Party Extras has them all. They made it easy to make any party more fun with the event rentals they offer. Even better, renting is easy and convenient at their website right from the comfort of your home.

Cowboy Party Rentals boasts of bounce house rentals that are second to none. They have an extensive selection that include classic and themed bounce houses. There is something for everyone at Cowboy Party Rentals, starting at an affordable price of $140 at that!


9. Froggy Hops

The best feature of Froggy Hops is they let you rent their inflatables for the longest rental period for only a single-day price. This is an incredibly affordable service designed for your parties or events to be more fun without breaking the bank.

Bounce houses are a classic addition to any birthday party, school event, church celebration, or company event. With that said, Froggy Hops has many popular inflatable bounce houses for clients in Minneapolis and St. Paul—each one clean, well-maintained, and sanitized.


10. Jump Around Party Rentals

Jump Around Party Rentals is one of the best bounce house rentals in Austin, TX. They offer not only all kinds of bounce houses and other rentals for any event. Among those include obstacle courses, water slides, even tables and chairs.

The inflatables at Jump Around are all quality rentals meant to entertain kids so that adults can relax and socialize during parties and events. For corporate functions, these inflatables can be the perfect addition to a memorable and fun holiday party.

Inflatable bounce house rental is a nice touch to any event. For birthday parties or similar affairs, they’re the perfect addition to keep the kid happy. For corporate events, they help entertain the kids while the adults mingle, making bounce houses a staple on any occasion.

Along with Noya’s promotional products, they should help make your event more unforgettable. Not only have you successfully promoted your brand and connected with possible partners and clients. You have also kept their kids happy with just the right bounce house rental service.


2021 The Best 10 Inflatable Obstacle Course Rentals

The main goal for any event, whether it is a birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, is to have fun and leave your guests entertained. Inflatable Obstacle Course Rentals offer undisputed memorable time for all the attendees in the event.

They should conform to the modern safety standards and regulations so as to ensure everything goes on well.

As a global leader in custom promotional products, Noya will be your best partner and make your obstacle course bounce house rental memorable and exciting.
Below are the top inflatable obstacle course rentals:

1. Jump “N” Party

Jump “N” Party has all event rentals and supplies you will require for every event. Be it your graduation party, your Child’s birthday, business, or school event. They have everything for a successful occasion.

They serve the majority of the Inland Empire as well as South Riverside County, including Beaumont, Banning, Indian WellsCabazon, Canyon Lake, Calimesa, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, and many more.

Jump “N” Party inflatable also has a dance Dome, bounce houses, inflatable obstacle course rental, Games, interactive water slides. They have got you covered.


2. All Blown Up Inflatable Rentals

All Blown up Inflatable Rentals is the leading inflatable rental company. This is because it has the largest record of the highest quality inflatables in the area. They are a full event rental company providing tents, exciting attractions, carnival rides, and many more!

They are your one-stop-shop for all you require to create a memorable experience for you, your loved ones, and friends.

All Blown up Inflatable Rentals is here to make your upcoming event fabulous. They have everything you need, from tables to canopies to DJ services. Just give them your idea, and they will pump it up!


3. Bounce Party Rentals

Bounce Party Rentals delivers superior quality inflatables and event supplies at very reasonable prices. From bounce house, obstacle course bounce house rental, to water slides, inflatable moonwalks, and many more.

They care so much about your party and event supplies, and thus, they will exceed your expectations. They ensure every delivery is handled carefully. You will feel comfortable knowing that you are working with a company that will throw a flawless event for you.

Bounce Party Rentals has been serving for more than a decade. Their inflatables are durable, safe, and sterilized between every rental.


4. Magic Jump Rentals

Magic Jump Rentals has been servicing the people of Los Angeles County as well as the neighboring areas with event rentals since 1996. They are dedicated to providing their clients with the most excellent service with the cleanest, safest, and most modern products.

They have delivered inflatable rental service to many occasions like school parties, festivals, corporate events, house parties, block parties, birthday parties, and many more.
Magic Jump Rentals takes pride in its exceptional customer service. As a result, customers can have fun without worrying about their orders. They will make your event a memorable one.


5. Extra Fun Jumpers

Extra Fun Jumpers’ goal is to provide matchless entertainment for whichever age group at a competitive price. The rentals are the most sophisticated and safest in the industry. They are proud to have the cleanest rentals and excellent customer service.

Extra Fun Jumpers delivers inflatable rentals for everything from festivals to kids’ parties, grad nights, harvest festivals, fundraisers, youth sports events, church events, birthday parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvah, and a lot more.

They have hosted countless carnivals and public events with full-service enjoyment that has left everybody talking.


6. National Event Pros

For all that you will require for your upcoming event, National Event Pros have got you covered. They believe that creating faultless events requires a cooperative team effort. National Event Pros delivers real and meaningful value which surpasses the cost of services.

Therefore, they embody the necessity for team spirit by embracing their clients and customers as Event Partners.

National Event Pros have to be an addition to your team to be operational, and that begins with a great corporation. Together they can create beautiful experiences that bring about real value. Understanding your event requirements is an important part of our planning process.


7. Inflatable Party Magic

Inflatable Party Magic has an incomparable20 years of experience in the event rental industry. They are your Event and Party Rental Experts located in Cleburne, Texas. They deliver event party rentals, Cleburne Bounce House Rental, and Water Slide Rentals in Cleburne.

They don’t just offer water slide rentals Cleburne and Cleburne bounce house rentals but rent event rentals for bigger events and business events too.

Much of the Inflatable Party Magic’s service area includes the DFW Texas region, such as Arlington, Mansfield, and Fort Worth, Texas areas. They are a name that you can rely on for your even and bounce house rentals.


8. 2 Dads Bounce Houses

For the best Phoenix bounce house rentals, 2 Dads Bounce Houses is the best place to be. Here, you will get the best deals on event rentals and bounce house rentals.
The service is not just Phoenix, but Glendale, Surprise, Peoria, as well as the neighboring communities in AZ too.

The goal of 2 Dads Bounce Houses is to ensure that you are more than happy with the equipment plus the service you receive from them. If you are looking for something and you can’t find it, just let them know, and they will do everything within their capability to get the work done!


9. Emerald Events

Emerald Events provides the most health-giving and safest family fun for all events. Excite your audience with the most exciting attractions along with entertainment in all of California.

They offer an extensive range of attractions, including Bungee Jumping, Mobile Laser Tag, inflatable obstacle course rental, Foam Parties, Photo Booths, Winter and Ice Skating parties, Paddle Roller Boats, and obviously their unique Water Bubble Rollers™ and many more.

Emerald Events’ mission is to provide the funniest, unique, interactive, and high-class entertainment that you cannot get anywhere else. They are available for almost any event.


10. Party Jump

Party Jump is a premier in Inflatable Game Rentals in Northern California. They have jump houses, inflatable bounce houses, giant inflatable slides, interactive inflatables, and carnival games, which provide fun for every age and kind of event.

They can make your party come alive with their wide collection of interactive and inflatable games.

For business team building functions, high school fundraiser events, corporate picnics, church events, carnivals, bar mitzvah, or your kid’s birthday, Party Jump has the best inflatable that will make your day memorable. You will have nothing to do except enjoy yourself.


2021 The Best 10 Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

Have you ever thought of watching a movie together with your friends and relatives? This gives an incredible and exciting feeling making this particular event memorable.
You may consider looking for inflatable movie rentals to watch your favorite movies together to get this exciting feeling. This takes your event to the next level.

Noya is a renowned promotional supplier; our highly experienced team offers customized products at favorable rates that will boost your experience even as you watch out for a movie with your guest.

Below are the Best Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals.

1. Avista audio-visual

Avista leads in providing audio-visual production services along with audio-visual rentals for conferences, meetings, and other live events. They have offices in Los Angeles (Culver City), San Francisco, and San Jose.

They deliver our audio-visual production services nationwide to nonprofit clients and corporate for events of up to 5,000 people. In addition, they rent audio-visual gear all over California for hundreds of personal, corporate, and nonprofit events.

Avista’s mission has made every event and meeting a success, regardless of the size.

With their commitment to perfect services, you can expect flawless performance and a kind approach at any time!


2. FunFlicks Outdoor Movie Events

From large big events to family gatherings, FunFlicks brings back the 1950s nostalgia to the 21st-century event. They offer full-service inflatable movie screen rental and equipment rentals for all your parties, at any time and anyplace.

From apartments, schools, local parks, and many more, they will set up everything for you, even in your own backyard.

FunFlicks include a big movie screen rental, as well as all the extravagant equipment such as a sound system and projector. In addition, a kind tech from FunFlicks will host an amazing outdoor cinema. They have all you require for a wonderful night at the movies.


3. Premiere Outdoor Movies

Premiere Outdoor Movies has been operational since 2009 as the no.1 outdoor movie company on the East Coast. They offer inflatable movie screen rental for all-size events.
From live TV events, School Movie Nights, Parks and Recs to Birthday parties, big games, there are numerous events where inflatable movie screen rental can make your occasion exceptional.

They have a 16-foot Backyard Movie for an event of friends, up to a 40-foot Movie Package for parties with 1,000 plus guests.

All their private movie packages come with a specialized sound system, first performance quality projector system, high-quality AV electronics, and a professional event crew.


4. Rent for Event

Rent for Event Los Angeles is the leading provider of audio-visual rentals and event production support all over the Western U.S. They provide services all over the country to some of their customers.

Some of the rental services they offer include audio and sound rental, inflatable movie screen rental, Lighting, equipment rental, DJ Equipment rental, Projector and screen rental, Video accessories rental, Screens, Led video Walls rentals, and many more.

Rent for event is proud to provide you with full-service production rental, party services, and support on your next occasion.


5. Magic Jump Rentals

Magic Jump Rentals has been delivering event rental services in the county of Los Angeles and the neighboring regions since 1996. They offer a wide variety of bouncers, jumpers, water slides, combos, slides, interactive inflatables, mechanical rock walls, rides, zip lines, movie screens, euro bungees, concession carnival games, machines, and many more!

Magic Jump Rentals delivers inflatable rentals service to all events, including school events, carnivals, house parties, corporate events, anniversaries, birthday parties, city events, weddings, park events, and many more.

Magic Jump Rentals are committed to providing their customers with excellent quality service that will make whichever event a memorable one.

6. Ultimate outdoor movies

Ultimate outdoor movies are a premier provider of full video/audio production services for parties and events all over the U.S. From film festivals, corporate brand activations to outdoor movie events and concerts, they are more than just movies.

They offer full-service local outdoor movies with their outdoor screen rentals, huge inflatable movie screens, outdoor projector rentals, and full audio/video rentals for outdoor movies.

They do their best to plan your event and assist you in understanding the best choices for making your occasion a memorable day ever! No event is too small or too big for Ultimate Outdoor Movies.


7. Deejay’s event rentals

Having one-stop shopping for all your party needs is more than you can ask for. Deejay’s event rentals have everything you need for a flawless event.

They have been delivering services to the greater triangle region (Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and beyond) from their Raleigh location since 2001.

Deejay’s event rentals help you to throw a memorable event with their high-quality rental tents, chairs and tables, linens and tableware, and many more. They also offer Audio-visual equipment, concession equipment, yard games, and a lot more.


8. Mega outdoor movies

Mega outdoor movies take pride in offering High Definition Projectors, screens as well as State-of-the-Art Sound Systems at a reasonable price. They are more proud of being the partner that their renters depend on time and again.

Their event planners work to recognize even the slightest details regarding your event. This ensures they don’t just offer the best rate possible but also guarantee that your rental is what you are looking for.

With Mega outdoor movies, you can sit, relax, and enjoy. Inflatable movie screen rentals are available too!


9. Party on Demand

Party on Demand Los Angeles has been working with various iconic brands in the region. They handle any occasion from planning to event rentals and, above all, your serenity!

They have planned and accomplished various large and small events successfully. They, in addition, work with a network of event planners as a reserve for event rentals (chairs, tables, faux plants, tableware, couches, catering, DJ services, and more).

You can rely on Party on Demand to plan a flawless party. They would love to plan your special day or work with your existing team.


10. Starry Movie Nights

Starry Movie Nights specializes in outdoor cinema events along with outdoor movie screen rentals. They create outdoor movie events and provide full-service outdoor movie rental all over Northern California.

They are best for film festivals, school fundraisers, promotions, or special community events.

Starry Movie Nights use JBL audio systems, state-of-the-art inflatable movie screens, and digital projection. Whether it is backyard movies, night movies in the park, or movies by the poolside, they have you covered. You can join them at one of their famous outdoor movie nights near you.