Custom Keychains Wholesale From China
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Custom Keychains Wholesale From China

NOYA is a company specialized in manufacturing, marketing, research & development of promotional keychains and provides custom keychains for advertising and promotional marketing.

We specialize in photo keychains, acrylic keychains, metal keychains, keychain bottle opener, leather keychains, name keychains, lanyard keychains etc. The custom keychains are well suited for a variety of applications like corporate branding, business advertising, promotional marketing, event planners, company gifts, and other personalized needs.

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Custom keychains for business
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  1. Enquiry, Email us your design, the type of promo items, the style, the quantity, the due date etc.
  2. Design & Quote, Our talented team will send you a range of design options along with a quote.
  3. Confirmation & Sample Checking, Once the mockup and quote approved, we will prepare and send you a free sample of what the finished product should look like.
  4. Mass Production, After verification that the sample meets all your requirements, our engineers will mass-produce all your products.
  5. Delivery, The final step in our production line is delivering the promotional products to you. In most cases, we ship by air for faster delivery.
We provide outstanding packaging solutions that meet your business needs. We serve various clients from retail stores, school organization, event planners, design companies and any other industries.

Custom Keychains | Personalized Keychains

Deck out your keys with a personalized keychain that suits your style. Add your own flair to your custom keychain with a favorite photo, message or design for a gift they’ll use every day. Personalized photo keychains make the perfect gift for friends and family or to make for yourself to keep your favorite photos with you at all times. Perfect as a stocking stuffer or just-because present, our custom keychains are ideal for any occasion.

marketing keychain manufacturer
Promotional Keychains

As a leading keychains manufacturer in China, NOYA provide you various of promotional keychains which used in advertising and marketing. The promotional keychains are usually using acrylic material, wood, rubber, leather and connected with metal, can be designed with or without a logo, start from 500pcs.

custom your pictures on keychains
Custom Photo Keychains

Photo Keychain as client gift is a great good idea-they are memory to stay and helping promote your business.The photo keychain is a small and sweet gesture of others. Photo keychain comes with a transparent acrylic plastic case for storing photos or logos. You can remove the transparent shell panel, insert your photo, and then clip the panel back to its original position. You can insert two images because both sides are clearly visible.

Custom Acrylic Keychains
Custom Acrylic Keychains

Our custom acrylic keychains are made of transparent, lightweight and high-quality acrylic material, you can easily use them without worrying about any cracks. You can draw, engrave or paste your favorite stickers on the rough acrylic ring keychain. The acrylic keychain is suitable for making branded key chains, zipper handles, backpack labels, gift tags, pendant decorations,or other handicraft items

Promotional Metal Keychains
Custom Metal Keychains

Metal keychains are made of zinc alloy hardware, brass, stainless steel or iron material. Noya as keychains manufacturer, is proud to offer these different shapes with your design. Our custom metal key chains are great for new homeowner housewarming gifts, bag charm with clips, couples gifts, safe driving trucker husband gifts.

Custom Keychains Bottle Opener
Keychains Bottle Opener

The keychains bottle opener is made of premium aluminum or titanium for beer festivals, rewery openings and beer releases. You never have to worry about no idea for promotional products in craft beer events. It can be used for DIY production, plus corporate or personal labels can be a unique gift. Noya also provide marketing keychains service to support your business.

Print your logo on Leather Keychains
Custom Leather Keychains

Our leather keychains are made of quality leather together with metal, smooth, wear-resistant and not easy to fade. They are suitable for advertising in promotional marketing with your logos. Noya is a premier promotional products supplier in China. Noya provides bulk custom leather keychains for your promotion. At Noya we can custom print these leather keychains using the latest digital and printing technologies.

Custom Name Keychains for Promotion
Custom Name Keychains

Custom name keychain is unique advertising for your promotion. Noya also provide custom packaging box for a unique and attention catching look. Handy name keychain keeps keys together and your logo in hand and in sight. Great promotional products for giveaways at auto dealerships, trade shows, media companies, furniture stores, fundraising companies, real estate agencies, sports clubs and much more.

fashion keyrings for women
Custom Keyrings

Very hard item to show off your corporate name, but at NoyaPro, nothing is too difficult to do for their clients. Based on your designs and your goals, your keyring could include any of printing logos. Full-color printing on the custom keyring is very popular and can't keep them in stock because they are perfect for a quick grab at your promo exhibit.

Custom your logo on Lanyard Keychains
Custom Lanyard Keychains

Every keychain, no matter your budget, comes with all you need to get your marketing started. Your lanyard keychains can be built for advertising projects centered on your objectives. We are proud to be the leading promotional supplier in China, helping companies promote their business for the long term.

Custom logo on Motel Keychains
Custom Motel Keychains

These custom motel keychains will hold your contact info together! You can put your logo printed as a great marketing tool at all times. Very handy and effective! NoyaPro is a premier keychains manufacturer and personalized motel keychains in China. Free design to help boom your business!

Custom your logo on Floating Keychains
Custom Floating Keychains

Most Floating Keychains are made from eco–friendly pu or EVA to keep your keys from sinking. The lightweight materials can stay afloat in water so your keys don't sink while fishing, boating or swimming. These are delightful eye-popping floating keychains with your printed logo that will surely promote your marketing on boat fair.

Promotional Rubber Keychains
Custom Rubber Keychains

These rubber keychains are specially shaped, printed, and labeled to attract the right customers. Your members will love these custom rubber keychains for keeping up with their membership card together keys in any where. It made your events feel both personalized and professional. It is an excellent marketing idea to get the word out about your company.

Create Personalized Keychains For Any Occasion

Our keychains are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be personalised on both sides. Durable and water-resistant, they’re made to withstand wear and tear from everyday use.
Best of all, creating yours takes just a few minutes, so go ahead, select your favourite design to get started now.


Eight Reasons To Choose NoyaPro

Custom Keychains: The Complete FAQ Guide

Keychain is revolving towards unique shapes for promotion as a great giveaways and marketing tool.

The use of keychains is a guarantee of increasing name recognition as compared to your rivals.

This makes keychains very simple and user-friendly for the event planners.

How To Choose The Best Keychains Manufacturer

How To Choose The Best Keychains Manufacturer?

  • Your keychains manufacturer should be able to make all kinds of keychains and ship to the world.
  • Your keychains manufacturer should provide the functional solution possible.
  • Your keychains manufacturer should provide low MOQ and quick delivery.
  • Your keychains manufacturer should provide great keychains that have multiple uses for people.
  • Your keychains manufacturer should make the logos stand out wonderfully, good quality and exposure.

What Is Keychain

What Is Keychain?

Keychain or key ring, key tag is a small ring or chain of metal to which several keys can be attached.

Keychains are manufactured in various shapes, materials and sizes.

A lot of companies use them because they come in effective advertising with logo that your customers carry every day.

NoyaPro deals in promotional keychains to make memorable business connections!

What Are The Different Types Of Keychains?

The different types of keychain offers a smooth path to promotional success!

If classified according to different materials, it includes rubber keychains, metal keychain, wood keychain, acrylic keychain, leather keychain, embroidered keychain, woven keychain and so on.

You can also classify according to different functions, such as bottle opener keychains, carabiner keychains, floating keychains, motel keychain, car keychains, led keychains etc.

The flexible keychain light up your brand’s potential and make a great event promotion!

How Much Are Custom Keychains

How Much Are Custom Keychains?

Custom keychains charges vary from materials to quantity. The costs are usually affected by several factors. It is best to know which material your marketing needs.

However, to cut on average cost, you should custom keychains in bulk. If possible, confirm the final design before mass production.

Where To Make Custom Keychains?

NoyaPro is a leading Chinese bases manufacturer of various types of customized and branded keychains that are used for unlock the door to promotional success!

No matter if you live in Singapore or United States, Noya ship your promotional keychains door to door.

How To Order Custom Keychains

How To Order Custom Keychains?

First, you need tell us your requirement, not only idea, quantity, keychain types, to start your project.

Then, we recommend perfect keychains for you. Once the quantity, style, and logo are determined, you will receive an accurate quotation and estimated delivery date.

After the payment is completed, we will carry out mass production and arrange express delivery door to door.

For sure all keychains will be 100% QC before shipment.

Why Promote With Custom Logo Keychains?

Custom unique keychain fills any tall promotional order.

The custom keychain makes your customers carry your logo every day in any where.

Due to the use of low-cost materials for keychains, they tend to be affordable and have practical value when it comes to advertising marketing.

What Are The Best Types Of Promotional Keychains
What Are The Best Types Of Promotional Keychains?

We highly recommend that you use industry elements for promotional keychains.

For example, a keychain with bottle opener creates an unforgettable experience for beer lovers and foodies alike if you are craft breweries.

The carabiner keychain is perfect promotional product for college campus or camping clubs orientation.

Considering industry, function, brands, and budget, you can contact your best keychain manufacturer-NoyaPro.

How To Make Custom Keychains?

The production process of keychains of different materials is different.

The production process of metal keychains is mainly: die-casting, drilling, polishing, electroplating, coloring, and assembling.

Die casting is a kind of technical work. When the blast furnace melts the raw materials into liquid, and the liquid melted by the raw materials will be injected into the mold under pressure.

After the mold is cooled, the mold is quickly formed to cast a basic embryo of the product. Such a cycle of die-casting.

Gong drilling, sand pulling and tapping belong to the gong drilling department.

General keychains need to go through one of these three processes. Some products or even three processes are indispensable.

These processes are very important for the manufacturing of keychains. Whether a product is perfect or not is one of the first steps.

Polishing is to use a polishing machine to make the overall surface of the product a layer of surface luminosity, and to erase the micro-rough parts of the surface. Make the product look smooth and delicate.

Electroplating, which is the core of a product, can be divided into many kinds of electroplating colors on the surface.

The more commonly used colors include electroplating nickel, electroplating complex, electroplating gold, silver, copper, electroplating wire drawing, electroplating pearl and so on.

The electroplating process can be divided into many types, rack plating, barrel plating and so on. 

Coloring, some keychains need to be colored. The colors can be divided into many kinds, and the color master will modulate various colors according to the colors required by the product.

A series of colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. For modulating a color, this is the most basic skill that every colorist must master.

Assembly can also be called final assembly. For keychain products, each product must use a key ring, and some must use a key chain.

This aspect is completed by the assembly workshop, and the process of the assembly workshop will vary according to various products.

Complicated, there are glue dropping, screwing, ringing [chain], patching, implanting various styles of ornaments, applying cards, final bagging, bulk packaging and sealing for shipment.

For more information on keychains manufacturing, feel free to contact us.

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