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Custom Coins Wholesale From China

Noya is a trusted custom coins manufacturer in China. From quality designs to precise color-filled engravings protected with epoxy, we have set the standards in China for what truly makes a great custom coin.There are many design combinations for a custom coin, and Noya can handle them all. We can manufacture any shape, mold any design, and give you the right finish. Ready to order? Contact our talented graphical artists and engineers and let us bring your ideas to life.
No Minimum Orders
Free design services
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  1. Enquiry, Email us your design, the type of promo items, the style, the quantity, the due date etc.
  2. Design & Quote, Our talented team will send you a range of design options along with a quote.
  3. Confirmation & Sample Checking, Once the mockup and quote approved, we will prepare and send you a free sample of what the finished product should look like.
  4. Mass Production, After verification that the sample meets all your requirements, our engineers will mass-produce all your products.
  5. Delivery, The final step in our production line is delivering the promotional products to you. In most cases, we ship by air for faster delivery.
We provide outstanding packaging solutions that meet your business needs. We serve various clients from retail stores, school organization, event planners, design companies and any other industries.

Custom Coins

Coins for all occasions, maybe promotions or celebrations and commemorative, we have various finishes and levels of quality.

Custom Firefighter Coins
Custom Firefighter Coins

Custom firefighter coins are made for fire departments and wildfire crews and are handed out amongst departments during special events. The coins are designed with a specific team in mind. They are tailored specifically for each department to reward their commitment and courage. Noya is a celebrated custom firefighter coins manufacturer that prides itself in designing and manufacturing personal and meaningful firefighter coins. These custom coins ultimately become a symbol of group identity. Our custom firefighter challenge coins are creatively crafted with 3D elements and premium finish as a perfect representation of artistic ability. Start recognizing the excellent service of your firefighters with the Noya custom challenge coins.

Custom Printed Coins
Custom Printed Coins

Noya is China’s leading custom-made printed coins manufacturer with many coin minting options. We combine old craftsmanship with new technology to produce custom coins for every need. Our coins come in the widest variety of material selection including aluminum, brass, and the more luxurious options such as gold. For many years, our coins have been manufactured to strict standards. Our graphic artists select the best shapes, sizes, colors, and engravings for your project. Our craftsmen then start the minting process, which is essentially pressing your custom artwork on the coin. The result is a precise mirror-like surface with zero imperfections. Our coins are durable and can be passed on to generations.

Custom Silver Coins
Custom Silver Coins

Silver is the next best thing after gold. Custom Silver coins are mainly distributed by organizations to top-ranked employees as their emblems. Noya mass produces personalized custom silver coins no minimum with great attention to detail to represent the true premiumness of the coins. Using our unique art and design process, we can produce any engraving, shape, size, and plating. The only limitation is your own imagination. Custom silver coins no minimum are particularly useful in exclusive membership clubs and recognizing outstanding performances in special events. Our experienced designers can work with you to advise you on the best designs to go with if you are not sure where to start.

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Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins come in various shapes, sizes, and enamel options. They are mainly used by organizations and membership clubs to ensure continued memory of a special event that took place. In a nutshell, commemorative coins offer a tangible keepsake that captures the memories of a certain event. Finding a coin manufacturer is easy, but the quality of work sets all manufacturers apart. At Noya, we are recognized as one the most trusted custom commemorative coins manufacturers in China. Through our custom coins, we capture as much detail about the event as possible - the atmosphere during the speech, and the pride felt by those honored during the event.

Custom Coins Made
Custom Coins Made

In today’s competitive marketing space, business owners have been forced to think outside the box when it comes to advertising. Branded custom promotional coins are a unique angle to use when approaching this. Noya is a renowned coin manufacturer in China.
Custom challenge coins for your prestigious club, achievement coins for top performers, military coins for military units, alumni coins with the school emblem - we’ve got it all. We craft all kinds of custom coins with your own logo to add that extra personal touch. And the best part? These coins are long-term promotional products for you since they become a part of the recipients’ life.

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Custom Challenge Coins

Like military coins, challenge coins are used to show exclusive membership while also building the morale of their holders. At Noya, we are recognized as a creative custom challenge coin manufacturer thanks to our personalized challenge coins which have proven to strengthen the sense of bond within members. Many organizations use challenge coins to commemorate anniversaries and celebrate certain key milestones. This, in turn, creates stronger bonds between the givers and recipients. Our designers blend intricate patterns with all the custom features you need to create a signature custom challenge coin for you. We also use various metals to suit your exact taste.

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Custom Gold Coins

Nothing speaks class than the Noya bespoke gold coins. We are an esteemed custom gold coins manufacturer with a history of designing prestigious gold-finish custom coins. Production usually takes about 2-3 weeks depending on the level of custom work required, but we also accommodate rush jobs. Gold coins are made from strong base materials and then plated with a layer of shiny gold and embossed signature logo. They find a major use especially in honoring people during commemorative events. Custom gold coins are engraved with personal details such as logos, military insignia, and special words for personalization to make them relevant to the event.

Custom Copper Coins
Custom Copper Coins

When it comes to shiny aesthetics, nothing compares to the Noya custom copper coins. Unlike most metals, copper doesn’t have to be extracted from ore. It can be used in its original form to preserve its authenticity and antiqueness. Noya has branded itself as a reputable custom copper coins manufacturer. We can model copper coins into any shape or size for use on special occasions such as graduations, anniversaries, and grand openings. With copper coins, the packaging is just as important as the coins themselves. This is because copper lacquers easily. Noya provides special sulfur-free poly packaging or custom packaging for all our custom copper coins on order.

Custom Sobriety Coins
Custom Sobriety Coins

A sobriety coin is an award coin given to Alcoholics Anonymous members who have managed to remain sober for an extended period of time. While the coins are small, sobriety coins hold a powerful message and each coin awarded in the 12-step program marks a completed milestone in the journey to recovery. Noya is a leading custom sobriety coins manufacturer with experience in personalizing gifts. We can customize each sobriety coin to personalize it for every AA member. We understand that sobriety coins are more meaningful when personalized. We never pull artwork from stock galleries. Instead, all our designs are carefully thought out and reproduced on our custom sobriety coins.

Custom Coin Dies
Custom Coin Dies

Coin dies are important in recreating your custom designs on metal. This is done by stamping your logos and/or texts on silver, gold, copper, or other metal coins. Custom design coin dies are set up in a hydraulic pressing machine without any lubricants for effective embossing on the coin. Noya has established itself as a reliable supplier of coin dies both for personal and commercial use. Our coin die engraving techniques range from steel dies to 3D stamping and everything in between. We are also the go-to choice for many coin collectors when it comes to customized coin dies for promotional work.

Custom Plastic Coins
Custom Plastic Coins

Noya is a leading custom-made plastic coins manufacturer in China. With sustainability in mind, we manufacture custom plastic coins with your artwork designs embossed on them. All our plastic coins are made from recycled plastic and are 100% environmentally friendly. Plastic coins find a wide range of applications in events, promotions, trade fairs, amusement parks, and vending services. Some coin enthusiasts also collect them to add to their coin collections. We manufacture custom plastic coins in any shape, design, and color you want. We also emboss your own custom branding to your liking. No job is too big for us.

Custom Brass Coins
Custom Brass Coins

When it comes to custom challenge coins, brass is a popular choice for many thanks to its budgetary leeway. Noya is a top custom brass coins manufacturer with several design and color options. We use a glossy enamel finish to seal in the colors and retain the premium appearance. Most people who are looking to buy custom challenge coins often want them in bulk. Brass coins are a great option for purchasing coins in bulk since they are relatively cheaper than other metal options. As an overall investment, Noya is your go-to manufacturer for custom brass coins without compromise in quality.

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Custom Coins No Minimum

Looking to bulk order custom coins? We’ve got you covered. Noya offers custom-made coins - no minimum order amount. We do this by cutting the middleman service and making our manufacturing process accessible to everyone. The process is simple. We start off with your sketch or idea and translate this into a digital sample for your approval. After this, we mass-produce your custom coins with all your personalized details and ship them to your location. There are no minimum or maximum orders. Give your members a piece of your brand by ordering custom coins for everyone from Noya.

Custom Military Coins
Custom Military Coins

Military coins hold a deep meaning in honoring the brave soldiers. As a trusted coins manufacturer, Noya designs and produces symbolic military coins for Army challenges, Air Force, The Navy, Coast Guards, and Marines. We allow you to choose your own artwork, insignia, and special wordings among other special design features such as plating, edging, and sizes. Our coins are made with high precision to give the owner a sense of pride and accomplishment - as a soldier should. Our coins are also durable from modern pressing and enameling to last an entire lifetime of passing on with pride.

Custom AA Coins
Custom AA Coins

On the road to recovery from addiction, custom AA coins play a significant role in affirming members that recovery is, indeed, possible. Noya is a popular custom-made AA coins manufacturer in China thanks to the creative and inspiring messages we emboss on our AA coins. We offer a huge variety of personalized AA coins with editions based on culture and personal beliefs. Our AA coins are also engraved with affirmation messages to inspire you on your road to freedom from addiction. AA coins are perfect recovery gifts to carry around as you strive to stay clean from substance abuse.

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Custom Engraved Coins

We are a premium custom engraved coins manufacturer in China with a reputation in bulk production at discounted prices. We use different metals and engraving techniques to provide different minting options to our customers. Our designers and craftsmen have a unique background in jewelry making and they understand the significance of the coin tradition. With our modern engraving techniques, Noya is able to customize coins with your own name, logo, flag, text, dates, and so on. The result is a precisely done custom coin that creates a sense of ownership and holds meaning to the recipients for an entire lifetime.

Challenge Navy Coins
Challenge Navy Coins

Noya has been a custom navy coins manufacturer for many years now. Our challenge coins are used to honor the military veterans as country heroes. We manufacture our navy coins using custom military insignia and only the highest quality of materials without breaking the bank. Custom navy challenge coins are issued to naval units and are the ultimate symbol of squad camaraderie. Noya works with you to pick custom designs, shapes, colors, and plating options when manufacturing your navy challenge coins. You will also find the cost of our workmanship very budget-friendly, making us an ideal choice for bulk orders.

Custom Medallion Coins
Custom Medallion Coins

Many event planners count on Noya as their custom medallion coin manufacturer in China. Our skilled artisans have a proven track record of producing custom medallion coins with tangible messaging to leverage the power of appreciation in any organization. Custom coin medallions are used as powerful mementos to create lasting reminders of accomplishments and special events. We all have those special moments in life that we want to relive every day. Our custom medallion coins are crafted and designed with the owner in mind to act as lasting souvenirs. We etch all your ideas and branding into one special and durable medallion coin.

Custom Coins Maker
Custom Coins Maker

Custom design coins and Medals are used as souvenirs or commemorative objects to mark significant moments in our lives. They are a true work of art engraved with custom branding and other artistic renderings to capture the exact feelings we want to relive every day. Custom design coins and medals also find use in promotional work to amplify brands during events. They can be designed into any shape or size and engraved with special images and texts. Choice in terms of design is unlimited. Let our creative designers and artisans at Noya handle all your personalized coins and medals at friendly prices.

Custom Wooden Coins
Custom Wooden Coins

Wooden coins grew in popularity back in the 19th century and were usually handed out by businesses and bars as tokens to stand in for a certain amount of money. They are still considered collectibles by many coin collectors. As a renowned custom-made wooden coins manufacturer, Noya offers a wide variety of wooden coins for art, home decoration, and souvenir needs. Depending on your preference, we can design your wooden coins for either folk art of antique imitations. We use natural wood on all our custom wooden coins and can imprint any designs you want to add that personalized feel.

Custom Logo Coins With Impressive Detail!

Designing customized coins featuring your logo is the perfect way to set yourself apart. We enjoy the creative process in creating your artwork. Get started today.


Eight Reasons To Choose NoyaPro

Coins Manufacturer:The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are coins
What are coins?
Custom coins are small metallic keepsakes that have traditionally been used to commemorate certain events, celebrate achievements, or show exclusive membership to certain groups.
Coins come in many shapes, designs, and sizes. They are often made from a metal base, usually gold, silver, bronze, copper, brass, or zinc.
For long-lasting coins, bronze is used as the preferred metal base. This is because it is the hardest allow of the four options. Brass and zinc are ideal when the designs have some finer details. And if you need any 3D sculpting done, copper is your best option.
In a nutshell, custom artwork is die-struck on a metallic coin. Enameling is then done in the recession areas to decorate the coin. An epoxy finish may then be applied to provide a durable glossy finish.

Packaging for Your Custom Coins

How much does it cost to make custom coins?

Generally speaking, custom coins cost anywhere between $1 – $2 each for a production capacity of 100 coins.
The production quantity here is important because a unique mold has to be created for every unique design. This same mold can be used to create as many coins as needed.
Since the mold is one of the most expensive parts of the production process, the factory is able to lower the unit price based on the number of coins ordered.
Other noteworthy factors that influence the total cost of custom coins are the complexity of the organization’s insignia or logo the level of personal preference. These two factors dictate the coloration and size of the coin, which in turn affects the overall cost of the coins.


How do I order custom coins?

Ordering custom coins from Noya is fast and easy. All you need to do is fill in our no-obligation inquiry form for Free.
Our graphical artists will then respond to your response with a few design mockups for you to choose from. If you already have your own design, that’s okay too. Our graphical artists can help you refine it as needed.
Once you pick the design you like the most, Noya prepares a sample coin for you to review. You can use this sample coin to verify that all the design features have been embossed correctly.
Next, we bulk produce all your coins based on your specified quantity and ship them to you by air. Noya boasts fast turnaround times and swift customer service responses.
Production of custom coins
Precision with basic standard tolerance of ± 0.005mm

Who makes custom coins?

Noya is your number one source for custom coins in China. We pride ourselves in the design, manufacture, and distribution of coins all over the world.
Whether you are looking for custom challenge coins, military coins, or AA coins, we can manufacture them for you in any shape and design you want and ship them right to your doorstep.
While most manufacturers provide details describing the various process involved in coin production, you should be cognizant of the communication breakdowns, illicit fabrication practices, and inept customer service.
Noya is different. We enjoy creating our own coins. For us, it’s all about the art, and of course, making you smile. Your custom coins are just an enquiry form away.
What are challenge coins
What are challenge coins

What are challenge coins?

A challenge coin is a symbolic medallion used to promote camaraderie and team spirit. Previously, challenge coins were used exclusively in the military, but those days are long gone now.
Today, challenge coins find applications in schools, sports, businesses, and even corporate marketing. Their highly customizable nature makes them ideal for any situation that requires the marking of a unique achievement.
Among millennials, challenge coins are also used to celebrate friendships and raise awareness. For example, AA groups use challenge coins to mark graduation into any of the 12 steps required in the program. Cancer groups also share pink challenge coins to spread awareness of the disease.


What are military coins?

Ever wondered what those many metallic badges soldiers carry around in their uniforms represent?
In a military setting, soldiers use custom military challenge coins to show membership in certain military units, branches, or even specific missions. The coins not only give them a sense of belonging but also act as a symbol of service to the country.
After certain critical missions, top generals also award soldiers who demonstrated great performance with custom challenge military coins to celebrate them for their impeccable achievements.
While custom challenge coins used to be used exclusively in the military, coins have more diverse use over the past few years. But they still remain a noble symbol among soldiers.
Different Types of Coin Edges
Different Types of Coin Edges

Who makes military challenge coins?

Noya is a renowned manufacturer of custom military challenge coins in China. We have worked with many military precincts to honor our brave soldiers with custom coins made with military precision.
We have a dedicated team of talented graphical artists who are experienced enough to capture the essence of every mission through art. This high-quality art is then minted on durable military challenge coins with great precision.
Noya goes the extra mile of packaging and shipping all bulk orders by air. Yes, we are that professional! So if you are looking to get your custom military challenge coins crafted, choose Noya and let us take the pain out of the process.


What are challenge coins used for?

Challenge coins have come a long way with the first challenge coin dating as early as the 1st world war. Back then, challenge coins were exclusive to military groups only.
Today, challenge coins are used for three main purposes: prove membership, show comradeship, and honor service.
Private groups such as clubs, AA groups, and Cancer movements use challenge coins to show membership and also celebrate each other for hitting certain milestones.
Small businesses and corporations have also started embracing custom challenge coins for branding purposes.
In today’s competitive business world, challenge coins offer a simple yet elegant way of promoting brand recognition by embossing the organization’s insignia or logo on the coin.


What are military coins used for?

Military coins are a strong tradition in the army used to show membership of an elite unit. The coins are a symbol of unity and brotherhood and you will often find veterans displaying their military coins publicly as mementos.
After critical missions, soldiers use military coins as keepsakes to remind themselves of the hard times they endured together, hence strengthening the bond of their units.
Top generals (and sometimes the president) will also often award special tokens in the form of military coins to servicemen and women who demonstrated noteworthy service during these critical missions.
Whether it’s the navy, air force, or armed forces, military coins are an important tradition that glues soldiers together as they strive to keep us all safe.


How to find the best coin manufacturer?

When choosing a coin manufacturer, there are many factors you might want to consider. First, you want to start by filtering companies by their reputation.
Customer reviews are a great way to predict a company’s quality based on other people’s experiences. And while reviews can be staged, distinguishing the fake ones from the real ones is usually not that complicated.
Other important factors to consider when choosing the best coin manufacturer include design and revision, shipping options, cost, and customer service.
Noya offers free design services with unlimited revisions. We use state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture custom coins with great precision and then ship them to you on time. We also have an active customer support team that helps you throughout the ordering process.

manufacturing of custom coins

How to make custom coins?

Creating a custom coin is a highly mechanical process that requires special machinery and equipment in a factory environment.
But while you can’t really manufacture your own custom coins as a DIY project, you can produce your own artwork designs. There are lots of design software you can use to create your own mockups which can then be reproduced on coins.
Once your designs are ready, you will need to select a good company to handle the manufacturing for you. You will also need to have in mind other design aspects of your coin such as the base metal, shape, and finish.
Noya is a leading custom coins manufacturer in China. Our experienced artists and engineers can help you bring your vision to life in one wholesome coin.


How to make challenge coins?

Whether you are looking to get a challenge coin for your friend as a souvenir or award your employees as a morale booster, knowing how to make a good challenge coin is a great skill to have.
Luckily, the process is pretty straightforward. First, you will need to have your artwork ready. You can either design this on your own or use our artistic graphic designers at Noya. It’s all FREE!
Next, you will need to choose a factory to do the actual manufacturing for you. Noya has invested in some ultra-modern machinery for die-striking and coin minting. We can help you translate your art ideas into beautiful coins that you can share with others as keepsakes or gifts.


When do you give challenge coins?

One of the most challenging things about challenge coins is knowing when it’s appropriate to award them.
Due to their highly customizable nature, challenge coins can be personalized to suit any situation. Then again, there are the popular ones.
First, you can use challenge coins to award others for a job well done. This is a great way to recognize effort and boost the morale of your employees.
Challenge coins can also be used to commemorate special events you have shared with others. This could be with your friends, significant other, coworkers, or military personnel.
In organizations and support groups, challenge coins are also passed around to celebrate certain key milestones. A good example is in Alcoholics Anonymous groups where members exchange coins to encourage each other and celebrate their freedom from addiction.

display military coins

How to display military coins?

You are busy watching a military event on TV. Then you accidentally catch a glint of metal from the General’s uniform. Congratulations, you have seen your first military coin!
Military coins are worn by soldiers and officials to symbolize their pride in serving the country. They are often pinned to their uniforms and usually, the more coins a soldier has on their uniform, the higher they are in rank.
Aside from military uniforms, military coins can also be displayed on special military coin racks or be pinned on a blank canvas next to the country flag. This artboard can then be hung in the office as the ultimate symbol of patriotism.
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