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Custom Stress Ball in Bulk

Long commutes, long meetings, long days – what can relieve the stress of those dragging hours better than a custom made stress ball? Perfect for any marketing campaign, branded stress balls are sure to drain tension from your customers’ lives and replace it with quality brand awareness.
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  1. Enquiry, Email us your design, the type of promo items, the style, the quantity, the due date etc.
  2. Design & Quote, Our talented team will send you a range of design options along with a quote.
  3. Confirmation & Sample Checking, Once the mockup and quote approved, we will prepare and send you a free sample of what the finished product should look like.
  4. Mass Production, After verification that the sample meets all your requirements, our engineers will mass-produce all your products.
  5. Delivery, The final step in our production line is delivering the promotional products to you. In most cases, we ship by air for faster delivery.
We provide outstanding packaging solutions that meet your business needs. We serve various clients from retail stores, school organization, event planners, design companies and any other industries.

Custom Stress Ball

At Noya, we specialize in the bulk manufacture of promotional stress balls for any business, club, cause, campaign, or organization.

Custom Stress Ball with Logo
Custom Stress Ball with Logo

Custom stress balls with logos are ideal for anything from fundraiser events to brand awareness, event promotion, and boosted sales. They are a great way to spread brand awareness for your business to both existing g and prospective customers At Noya, our customization process has never been simpler! Whether you've got vectored artwork ready to roll or you only have a vague clue of how your marketing campaign is going to go, we work with you to supply customized stress balls for your business in bulk at wholesale prices.

Custom Stress Ball for Kids

Great for all ages and appropriate for any event, custom stress balls for kids are here to stay. If you only have one more marketing campaign to squeeze out on the next upcoming kids holiday, customized stress balls for kids need to be on your bucket list. Not sure where to start? Noya is a prominent manufacturer of custom stress balls for kids in bulk for any promotional sale. Whether you like to keep things simple, round, cube, or colorful, our wholesale branded stress balls are a great way to make a splash today.

Custom Stress Ball Squishy

Whether it’s a fun promotional event at the mall or a boring afternoon in the office, your customers will always enjoy some squishy playtime with custom stress balls branded with your logo. Noya is a bulk manufacturer of custom stress balls for any marketing campaign for your business. We specialize in wholesale supply of squishy promotional stress balls tailored to match your exact brand taste and style.

Wholesale Bulk Stress Balls

Available in many different shapes, colors, and designs, wholesale bulk stress balls are a great way to spread promotional awareness about your business while still encouraging a healthy and stress-free life for your customers Noya is a renowned wholesale bulk stress balls manufacturer and supplier with distribution channels all over the world. We use state-of-the-art technology to personalize all your custom stress balls in bulk with your logo and any other marketing messages for your business.

Promotional Stress Balls
Promotional Stress Balls

Promotional stress balls make great giveaways for trade shows, conferences, and in-store marketing campaigns. You can squeeze them, throw them, smash them, and above all, promote your business by imprinting your logo on them. At Noya, our custom promotional stress balls are available in tons of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Our talented designers work with you to come up with the appropriate designs and logo branding for your advertising stress balls before supplying your customized stress balls in bulk for your marketing campaigns.

Stress Ball Fidget Toy
Stress Ball Fidget Toy

Custom stress ball fidget toys are great gifts for birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, or simple party favors. They have also proven to be effective stress relievers for autistic kids and people with high anxiety problems. Noya is a bulk supplier of customized stress ball fidget toys at wholesale prices. You can use our branded stress ball fidget toys for anything from promotional sales to free giveaways to loyal customers at your store to promote more sales.

Custom Stress Ball with Net
Custom Stress Ball with Net

Custom stress balls with net are bundled stress relievers which can be used to reduce anxiety at work or relieve stress after a long day. They are also great promotional items for businesses to spread more brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. Noya is a prominent wholesale manufacturer and supplier of novelty custom stress balls with nets which can further be personalized with your logo to enhance brand visibility and dramatically grow sales at your store.

Stress Ball for Anxiety
Stress Ball for Anxiety

Looking to relieve stress from your customers while promoting your corporate identity? Custom stress balls for anxiety branded with your logo are great giveaways for your business to help improve your sales by allowing your customers to interact with your brand more. At Noya, we pride ourselves as bulk suppliers of customized stress balls for anxiety personalized with your business logo and available in a wide variety of designs and colors at wholesale prices.

Custom Shaped Stress Ball
Custom Shaped Stress Ball

From simple round shapes to more fun and complex toy shapes, custom stress balls are available in an array of different shapes fitting for every occasion. They can also be branded with personalized messages and logos to communicate special messages to end-users. Whether it’s a promotional sale at your store or kids birthday celebration, Noya designs, manufacturers, and suppliers custom shaped stress balls in a diverse range of designs and styles at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Custom Stress Ball Squeeze
Custom Stress Ball Squeeze

Often made from soft foam, custom stress balls are known to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety from squeezing. They can also serve as great promotional items for your business when branded with your logo and handed out to customers. Noya is a bulk manufacturer of customized squeeze stress balls for business marketing and advertising. Our branded stress balls are available in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs to choose from. Ready to have some squishy fun? Get your order ready!

Stress Ball Color Changing
Stress Ball Color Changing

Color changing stress balls are sensory toys for kids which change colors when squeezed. They are fun stress relievers ideal for kids’ parties and promotional novelty party favors for Halloweens, Easter Bucket, and other children’s day events. Noya is a renowned supplier of customized color changing stress balls in bulk. We design, manufacture, and supply wholesale branded color changing stress balls for giveaways as marketing incentives for kids-oriented events.

Bulk Stress Ball Animals
Bulk Stress Ball Animals

Animal stress balls are great squishy stress relievers often used as corporate gifts or business promotion tools. They can be anything from cute dogs to tigers and everything in between and can be branded with logos to make your business stand out from your competition. At Noya, our bulk wholesale animal stress balls are available in many different colors, shapes, and designs and are a great way to promote animal care while still spreading brand awareness at a fraction of your normal marketing costs.

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Most people keep their logo stress balls on their desks, providing constant exposure of your brand and message.

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Custom Stress Ball: The Complete FAQ Guide

What are stress balls

What are stress balls?

Stress balls are malleable hand exercise toys used to relieve stress and anxiety by gently squeezing in the hand. They are squishy flexible balls that have proven to improve the nervous system among other health benefits.
Like most toys, stress balls come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs fitting for any occasion and can be used for mini-workouts at the office, as toys at children’s parties, or as giveaways for promotional marketing in business.

What are stress balls good for
What are stress balls good for?

By simply squeezing them repetitively in your hand, stress balls are good for improving blood circulation, physical therapy to strengthen hand muscles, and relieving stress by redirecting it to the ball.
More health benefits of using stress balls that come with relieving stress include better sleep, relieving arthritis, preventing illnesses, and improving the general well-being of a person. Stress balls have also proven to be quite effective as meditation tools by focusing all your energy on the ball.

Do stress balls help children
Do stress balls help children?

Children who have a hard time expressing their emotions or anger can use stress balls to effectively calm themselves down. Stress balls have been found to have a positive therapeutic effect on children by allowing their muscles to relax as they squeeze the balls rhythmically.
Thanks to their highly customizable nature, stress balls can be customized in different shapes and colors depending on the child’s preference to act as their favorite sensory toy when they are stressed or angry. As sensory play toys, stress balls allow children to expend their energy and channel it to the ball.

How to manufacture a stress ball
How to manufacture a stress ball?

Stress balls begin their life inside custom molds which basically determine the shape of the final stress ball. To manufacture a stress ball, these are the steps involved:
1. Cleaning the molds – Technicians remove any excess foam or debris left by the previous batch of stress balls.
2. A silicone lubricant is then sprayed on the interior casing, creating a slippery varnish that will later allow for the finished stress balls to be removed easily.
3. The casings are coated with a quick layer of paint, which is essentially the same color of the final stress balls. This coating helps to ensure the finished stress ball will have a smooth and consistent colored surface.
4. The newly coated molds go into a big toaster oven to get preheated, which conditions them for the next step where they’re injected with liquid polyurethane foam.
5. A small amount of liquid foam is poured into the molds where it expands and solidifies within seconds. Consistent heat is important because it helps the foam to cure along the interior surface and form a smooth outer skin.
6. Next, the molds come out of the oven where the edges are trimmed. Any noticeable surface defects are also mended quickly at this stage.
7. Colorful details such as images and other patterns are then spayed on the ball to make it more attractive.
8. And now, the fun part – Your custom imprint (which we can all agree pretty much makes the stress ball yours!). This could be your logo, company name, or marketing message which is imprinted to add a final personal touch to your stress ball.

What Are the Benefits of Stress Balls
What Are the Benefits of Stress Balls?

Stress balls have become increasingly popular over the last few years and for good reason. They are not only great stress relievers but can also be used as promotional tools for business to increase their brand awareness. Here are some of the top benefits of stress balls:
1. Advertising and Promotion – Stress balls are a great marketing alternative for your business. They are easy to customize, cheap to produce, and even cheaper when bought in bulk. Customized stress balls can be used as promotional giveaways for advertising at kids’ parties, conferences, trade shows, or at your store.
2. Relieve stress – Stress balls have been proven to have some positive health benefits such as effectively reducing stress by relaxing the muscles. They are also quite effective in calming down children who struggle with their emotions by helping them channel their anger towards the ball.
3. Party favors – Thanks to their customizable nature, stress balls can also serve as thoughtful gifts for friends, family, or coworkers. They can be customized into different shapes and personalized with custom images and messages to serve as the perfect gifts for loved ones.
4. Home furnishings – Stress balls are also used for home decor. You can have some fun with the color options, shapes, and typography to match the general aesthetic of your home.

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