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Custom Badges Manufacturer From China

Noya is the leading badges maker in China. From custom badges for cars to trucks, name it – Noya crafts the most desirable custom badges.

Design badges with logos is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression on customers.

They love attractive designs, especially if badges look great and valuable. Customers can easily show them on backpacks or bags compared to printed promotional freebies.

Grab one of these now!

  1. Enquiry, Email us your design, the type of promo items, the style, the quantity, the due date etc.
  2. Design & Quote, Our talented team will send you a range of design options along with a quote.
  3. Confirmation & Sample Checking, Once the mockup and quote approved, we will prepare and send you a free sample of what the finished product should look like.
  4. Mass Production, After verification that the sample meets all your requirements, our engineers will mass-produce all your products.
  5. Delivery, The final step in our production line is delivering the promotional products to you. In most cases, we ship by air for faster delivery.
We provide outstanding packaging solutions that meet your business needs. We serve various clients from retail stores, school organization, event planners, design companies and any other industries.

Custom Badges

Design your own badge to fit your work life, personal life, and even social life! 

Custom ID Badges
Custom ID Badges

To promote customer trust and to confirm identity, ID badges are implemented. Schools, businesses, and any other institutions use ID badges to promote total security inside their respective establishments. Noya is your best ID badge manufacturer in China. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all custom ID badges we produce are top-notch. Features like superb access control, sleek design, compact look, and many more! There is also a wide variety of designs and layouts fit to any organization. Free design now!

Custom Name Badges
Custom Name Badges

Custom name badges take customer experience to a whole new level. They boost the morale and confidence of staff members and develop brand awareness. Customers can quickly pinpoint the staff they are talking with through custom name badges. Wearing name badges with logos is a form of branding to make you look professional and stand out. With the vast array of tailored name badges, Noya accept all kinds of designs – regardless of whether they are graphic or printed. You name it; we have it!

Custom Badges for Cars
Custom Badges for Cars

Are you searching for a crafty way of transforming your vehicles? Look no further – try our custom badges for cars! Nowadays, the majority of customers own a vehicle. It is a prerequisite for comfort and convenience. Car owners love their rides so much that they want to make them come across as good-looking as possible. That’s where our custom badges for cars shine. Our custom emblems are made out of exceptionally high-quality materials. Talk about custom badges for cars that perfectly accentuate your autos; we got everything you need! Send us your design NOW!

Custom Design Police Badges
Custom Police Badges

As badges maker, Noya produces an impeccable quality of personalized police badges. These do a lot for any police force because people usually look up to their badges. Custom police badges manufacturer makes sure that their output proves the authenticity signified in the badge. Noya is the best in crafting badges manufacturer that represent the duties and responsibilities of the police. The honor and respect the police deserve show in the superb quality and design of the badges. Wearing these custom police badges will make anyone do a firm, snappy salute. Contact us now!

Button Badge Maker
Button Badge Maker

Button Badges are perfect for your promotional needs! Your customers and employees love button badges because these items can be personalized. So whether you have a business event, commercial campaign, or even a birthday party, badges are the most sought-after branding material. Noya is your best manufacturer for making top-notch button badges! We can produce 3000pcs of badges every day. Plus, you can also customise your logo designs. Noya is the leading Button Badge Maker in China. Our main goal is to help businesses create a unique brand and stand out among the rest.

China Pin Badges Maker
Pin Badges Maker

Noya is the most prominent pin badges maker manufacturer in China. We take pride in delivering excellent service and products to our clients. Also, we are an eco-friendly company, and all the materials we use are made from recycled and high-quality materials. Noya produces badges that are used for different purposes. Whether you are conducting a private event, a company party, or a convention, pin badges are trendy to promote your brand. Be bold. Be unique. Be different. Our pin badges are durable, easy-to-use, and safe. Create and design your badges easily. Grab one of these today!

Custom Design Badges For Security
Custom Badges for Security

We create custom badges for security with different classic templates such as the traditional eagle top badges, oval badges, pointed star badges, shield badges, square badges, and many more! You can also choose from a variety of add-ons. From additional text panels to extra badge holders, we got it all for you! Noya is your best custom badges for security manufacturer in China. Our goal is to provide incomparable customer satisfaction to our clients. We also ensure that our products are made from the highest quality materials. Get a snappier look with our Custom Badges for Security. Grab yours now!

Custom Badges for Trucks
Custom Badges for Trucks

Custom badges can be used in enhance the overall aesthetics of your truck. You can add a personal touch to your trailers, tailgates, side badges, wheel caps, signs, shops, big toys for boys, and more. Noya is a premier manufacturer of badges for trucks in China. We value our clients’ time and effort, thus producing world class products. Boost your trucks with our custom emblems, and you will love them more than ever. If you want to show off your style, give us a call, and our graphic design team would be more than willing to make your design come to life.

Custom Metal Badges
Custom Metal Badges

Noya is the top metal badges maker in China. We manufacturer first-class badges that clients love. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your expectation is exceeded. We design Custom Metal Badges based on your preference. You can send us the template, and we craft them. Also, you can choose from the many designs that we already have. These badges are perfect for events such as commemoration, business promotions, or awards ceremonies. In terms of Custom Metal Badges, Noya is your ultimate partner. You can also get a considerable discount if you purchase in bulk.

Custom Head Badges for Bicycles
Custom Head Badges for Bicycles

Custom head badges for bicycles are customized emblems for your bike frame that sit just beneath the handlebar. They can be personalized with your logo to promote your brand and show off your sense of style. Bicycle badges are often made from plastic or metal and are attached on visible areas of your bicycle using adhesives, screws, or rivets. At Noya, every curve on your custom bicycle head badge is carefully thought. Our talented artists prepare beautiful designs around your logo and reproduce the same of your bicycle head badge with great precision. Noya also enriches your custom bicycle head badges with vibrant color schemes and plating options to accurately reflect your brand taste.

Custom Design Grille Badges
Custom Grille Badges

Looking to impress the boys at your car club? Custom grille badges are the paramount form of badass branding. Whether you need to style your whole trailer, tailgates, or wheel caps, custom grille badges with your logo are a great place to start. At Noya, we are renowned as high-end custom badge manufacturers in China. Our custom grille badges are made from only the highest quality materials and are crafted with a designer’s spirit. We hire talented artists to bring your artwork to life by adding elegant graphics to your logo. This is then translated into gleaming custom grille badges for your car. The time to impress your collectors is now!

Custom Embroidered Badges
Custom Embroidered Badges

Custom embroidered badges are the ultimate form of wearable art. They are simple, lightweight, and carry high contrast in deep texture. Fan of the classics? Embroidered badges also identify as the oldest form of patches in the history of branding. As a leading custom badges maker in China, Noya reproduces your logo and quality branding graphics on fabric backing using high-quality threading. We have invested in ultra-modern embroidery machines to do this with artistic precision. Custom embroidered badges with logos are used as branding tools in workplaces such as supermarkets and gas stations. They can also be patched on T-shirts and caps for giveaway promotions to increase brand visibility.

Custom Lanyard Badges
Custom Lanyard Badges

Custom lanyard badges are a wearable form of branding for your company. They are symbolic tools that help your employees own your brand by wearing it around their necks while working. Custom lanyard badges also come with a functional purpose in that employees are able to keep track of their personal badges Noya is your best manufacturer of custom lanyard badges for events and workplaces. We personalize them with custom logos and brand colors to accurately reflect your company’s theme. Our lanyard badges come in many color and clipping options. For ordinary events, our badges consist of a name card and O-ring or clipping. We also have more sturdy options with detachable snap buckles.

Custom Drum Badges
Custom Drum Badges

Custom drum badges are small metallic oval or rectangle name badges that come in various sizes and lengths. They are often made from brass and the custom logos are usually die-cast, photo-etched, or laser engraved. Noya has invested in high-quality machinery to manufacture drum badges with great precision. Our experienced graphic designers help you come up with your designs and logo which we then engrave on your custom drum badges. Worried about bulk orders? We’ve got you covered. Noya has a low MOQ policy which means you can order your custom drum badges in bulk without any minimum requirements. The best part? All bulk orders are processed at highly discounted prices to fit within your budget.

Custom Merit Badges
Custom Merit Badges

Boy scouts, awareness groups, and hipsters are fond of custom merit badges. They are a quirky form of giveaway art that makes most activities more fun. Custom merit badges usually come in the form of embroidered patches and vary in size, shape, and colors depending on the user specifications. Whether you are looking for a wearable badge for your clique or an award for crazy accomplishments while enjoying a good laugh, Noya is your number one manufacturer and supplier of all your custom merit badges. With our team of dedicated designers, we can supply your custom merit badges with your logo within no time. We have both sew-on and iron-on backing options to make it easier to wear the badges on any garment.

Custom Vehicle Badges
Custom Vehicle Badges

Custom vehicle badges are a bold symbol of craftsmanship in the automobile industry. They are often made from aluminum or brass and can be customized with your own logo or text. At Noya, no job is too big. We design and manufacture custom vehicle badges in bulk using your own logo and design specifications. If you are looking to get a little bolder, our artists can help you come up with other out-of-the-box designs for free. As a full-service manufacturer of custom vehicle badges, Noya offers 2D and 3D design, prototyping, manufacturing, and shipping to your preferred location. Ready to get grooving? Get a free quote and free prototype for your vehicle badge design from Noya before bulk production. This is 100% on us!

Custom Plastic Badges
Custom Plastic Badges

One of the best ways to offer a unique experience to attendees during an event is by handing them custom badges. Custom event badges give people a sense of exclusivity which could boost their morale during the event. Custom plastic badges find use in events such as trade shows, conventions, festivals, and parties. They are multifaceted accessories that can be used to grow your brand’s popularity while still increasing security by restricting access. Talented designers at Noya are well-known for their skills in personalizing plastic badges with custom logos, texts, and other graphic elements such as barcodes. We are a leading custom plastic badges manufacturer in China with operations all over the world.

Custom Employee Badges
Custom Employee Badges

Custom employee badges are handed out to staff members in your organization to clearly show their personal information and designated job description. While they are often underestimated, custom employee badges go a long way in improving security at the workplace. They can also be enhanced by adding barcodes and QR codes which act as key cards to restrict access to certain areas in the building. Noya is a renowned custom employee badge maker in China with connections from all over the world. We can supply all your staff badges in bulk with no minimum requirements and at highly affordable prices

Custom Work Badges
Custom Work Badges

Custom work badges are personalized with photo IDs, names of staff, departments, and other graphic elements such as barcodes. During workshops and seminars, custom work badges are used to distinguish between employees from different organizations through branding. Being highly personalized accessories, they give your employees a sense of belonging during such events. Noya offers custom work badges with your logo and brand colors in bulk. We can customize the badges with every employee’s personal information and ship them to your workplace within no time. In large organizations, custom work badges are customized with unique barcodes and can be used as keycards to access certain areas of the building while still keeping track of employee activity.

Custom Design Badges Maker
Custom Design Badges Maker

When it comes to custom badges, the only limitation is your own imagination. Badges come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and material types. Depending on the use case and budget, different badge options are ideal for different situations. At Noya, we pride ourselves as experienced custom design badge makers . We can craft any custom design or logo onto your badge using various factory methods such as die-casting, photo etching or laser engraving. If you are looking to serve a large audience for your upcoming event, we’ve got you covered too. We can supply all your custom design badges in bulk without exceeding your budget. Higher our talented badge makers at Noya and enjoy our flair of creativity.

Custom Printed Badges with Logo
Custom Printed Badges with Logo

One of the easiest ways to increase brand visibility during promotional events and giveaways is by handing out custom printed badges with your logo. During trade fairs and workshops, every attendee is a potential customer. By handing them personalized printed badges with your logo, they get to interact with your brand around their neck all day. This goes a long way in solidifying a lasting marketing impression in their minds. At Noya, we are suckers for a good marketing strategy. We work with you in the supply of custom printed badges with your logo from the design stage to final delivery at your preferred location. Our badges are people friendly, and they work. Your next bulk order is just a click away!

Custom Design Law Enforcement Badges
Custom Law Enforcement Badges

Sheriffs, Police officers, and security guards all have one thing in common - custom law enforcement badges. As the name suggests, law enforcement badges are used to represent a symbol of authority among officers. Law enforcement badges are often made from metal and are usually oval-shaped or star-shaped. They are also engraved or die-cast with custom logos and texts to show rank or achievement type. Noya is a manufacturer of law enforcement badges in bulk. We have worked with tons of law enforcement agencies across the world to supply their badges in bulk for new recruits. All our law enforcement badges come with extra plating to enhance durability and lustre.

Custom Event Badges
Custom Event Badges

Custom event badges are special passes used to restrict access to events to only a certain group of people based on predefined criteria. With many years of experience, Noya is your premier manufacturer of event badges in China. We stock an extensive range of shapes, sizes, and material options for all your branding needs. Our talented group of graphic designers can help you come up with refined artwork such as your logo for imprinting on the custom event badge. This serves to enhance the security during the event and also improve your brand visibility to prospect attendees in the event.

Wide Custom Options For Your Unique Event Planning

Our badges are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be personalised on both sides. Durable and water-resistant, they’re made to withstand wear and tear from everyday use.
Best of all, creating yours takes just a few minutes, so go ahead, select your favourite design to get started now.


Eight Reasons To Choose NoyaPro

Custom Badges Manufacturer:The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are name badges

What are name badges?

Name badges are permanent name tags worn visibly on your clothing as a means to establish identification in an event or show rank at the workplace.

Name badges have been around for many years now and the idea has come to be leveraged into a marketing tool. During events, companies use custom name badges with their logos to improve brand visibility.

Name badges come in an extensive range of sizes, shapes, and colors which gives you numerous customization options to design your own bespoke name badge.

At Noya, we are celebrated as one of China’s largest custom badge makers at the best prices in the market.

What are police badges

What are police badges?

Dating back to the era of knights, police badges are worn by the police as accessories to their uniforms to represent their commitment to keeping law and order.

Police badges are often made from metal, leather, or textile, with each material bearing a symbolic meaning.

In the military, police badges are worn by soldiers to denote the unit they serve. They are also used to show ranks earned through special achievements while in service.

Noya is your professional manufacturer of custom police badges with personalized logos and mottos to match your exact needs. Whether you are looking to order custom badges for your police unit or award outstanding officers, we’ve got you covered.

What are id badges?

An ID badge (short for identification badge) is a personalized pin or tag used to identify the person wearing it.

For example, in a restaurant setting, waiters will often wear ID badges as breastpins so you can identify them easily by their name.

Similarly, at a public expo, employees will often wear ID badges to distinguish themselves from guests and make it easier for people to approach them if they need anything.

The next logical question to ask is “What information should be printed on ID badges”? The answer is simple – any identification information is accepted. This could be your company logo, badge holder’s name, photo, designation, signature, etc.

Noya can design and customize your ID badges for any event in bulk to make it easier for your employees to stand out from the crowd.

What are event badges

What are event badges?

Event badges are simple yet effective networking tools used during events to bear the attendees’ names (and sometimes other details) for easier identification.

During most events, more than half the attendees are usually strangers. This makes it difficult to initiate conversations. Event badges can act as ice breakers to reduce those awkward moments.

Again, since different attendees have different roles to play in the event, event badges can be customized with color codes and barcodes to distinguish between guests without having to point them out one by one.

Whether it’s a conference meeting or an evening party, Noya can make event badges in bulk for all your attendees to help reduce the tension during the event.

How to make pin badges

How to make pin badges?

As a renowned custom pin badge manufacturer in China, Noya is committed to quality and transparency.

Step 1: Graphical artwork to be imprinted on the badge is prepared. You can either design your own artwork or you can ask our talented artists to help you with this.

Step 2: Mold preparation. Your design is printed and engraved on a mold in proportion to the size of the badge. The mold is then thermal-treated to increase hardness.

Step 3: The base metal is pressed against the heat-treated mold. The resulting badge is then cut down using a punching machine, leaving the freshly-cut badge.

Step 4: Polishing is done on the pin badge to remove the burr, smoothen out edges, and improve luster.

Step 5: Colors and accessories are optionally added upon request. Electroplating using gold, silver, or copper can also be done at this stage.

Step 6: The final step is packaging and shipping to your designated destination.

How to make name badges

How to make name badges?

Name badges come in many different sizes and shapes and are often made from different materials. So to make a name badge, the first step is to decide on each of these three key factors.

Depending on the occasion, name badges can bear different information. For instance, in a corporate event meeting, the guest’s name and company logo are enough to serve the purpose.

Deciding on what information should go on the badge is crucial because it dictates the design of the name badge. Remember to keep things simple and minimalist here.

Next is the printing stage. Here you want to print all the designs. Your printing paper should be thick like (cardstock) and should fit with plastic holders.

The final step is assembling. Your printed cutout designs are assembled into cardholders for easy attaching to the guests’ outerwear.

What are police badges made of?

Most police badges are made from stamped and pressed brass with a few being die-cast to capture finer details.

In some special cases (like the NYPD), the police badges are drop-forged from an alloy of silver and nickel. Detailing is then done by hand to add things like the badge number, logo, etc. The freshly detailed badge is then soaked in an acid bath to remove tarnish.

In other cases, police badges are made from textile or leather. Textile police badges are often woven or embroidered with custom logos and text for branding and distinction. The woven badges (or patches) are then sewn, ironed on, or glued onto the police uniforms.

Packaging for custom badges

How much do custom badges cost?

The cost of custom badges varies depending on the material used and quantities ordered. As a leading custom badges manufacturer, Noya supplies badges at cheap prices like a baby bird – cheep! cheep! cheep!

Textile badges are cheap and easy to manufacture. Plastic badges are relatively cheaper thanks to the low cost of the base plastic material. Metal badges are the most expensive option but are usually more durable.

At Noya, we also factor in the quantities ordered when deciding the cost of custom badges. We have the capacity to make and supply your custom badges in bulk at highly discounted prices.

What are badges with pins called?

Pinback buttons. A pinback button is a fancy official name used to refer to badges that have fastening pins at the back. They can also be referred to as pin buttons or button badges.

A safety pin, wire, or clutch is permanently attached to the back of a custom badge. This makes it easier to attach the badge to a piece of clothing (usually the breast pocket) by fastening the pin.

Pinback buttons are widely used during events and meetings to hold the attendee badges firmly and visibility on their outwear for easier identification. The thin fastening pins make them ideal for corporate settings because they hardly damage the wearer’s clothes.

What are name badges made from?

Name badges are often made of plastic or lightweight metal. They are usually attached to the wearer’s clothing using various mechanisms such as fastening pins or sticky backings.

On less formal events, name badges are attached to the attendees’ garments using an adhesive to keep the badge firm and visible.

Formal events such as corporate meetings call for more discreteness. Here, backings such as magnets, clutch pins, locking pins, and alligator clips are used to fasten the plastic or metal name badges on the garment.

Magnetic backings are mostly used with metallic name badges and are preferred due to their contactless function that leaves the badge undamaged.

how to wear custom badges

Why is it important to wear ID badges?

ID badges offer a simple way to identify employees, especially on customer-facing roles in the company. To customers, your employees appear more approachable when they have a visible ID badge with their personal information such as their name and photo.

In large organizations, ID badges come in handy when it comes to tracking employees. The badges can be customized with unique barcodes which can be used to track employee movement around the building.

Speaking of tracking, ID badges are also practical security tools that can be used to restrict unauthorized access to certain areas in a building or event.

Whether you are looking to increase security at the workplace or give your employees a sense of belonging by tagging them with custom badges, Noya is your number custom badges manufacturer in bulk with no minimum.

How to choose the best badges manufacturer

How to choose the best badges manufacturer?

When scouring for the best badge manufacturer, it’s important to keep in mind factors like customization options, ability to handle bulk orders, shipping options, and of course price.

Noya is a renowned custom badges manufacturer in China with ties all over the world. We have invested in state-of-the-art machinery to produce custom badges with military precision.

Our low MOQ policy allows you to order custom badges in bulk from Noya – no minimums. We can design, manufacture and ship as many custom badges as you need for your event.

Being a renowned badge maker, we manufacture custom badges in an extensive range of sizes, shapes, and designs. We also have a variety of base materials to choose from with multiple accessorizing and plating options.

The best part? You will love our prices. At Noya, all bulk orders for custom badges come with amazing discounts. We simply fit into your budget.

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