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Custom Printing Flags with Logo

Noya is an award-winning wholesale manufacturer of custom flags in China. Since our inception, we have been serving both small and large businesses by supplying promotional flags in bulk for advertising. Companies can submit their own logos and other custom artwork for us to brand.
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  1. Enquiry, Email us your design, the type of promo items, the style, the quantity, the due date etc.
  2. Design & Quote, Our talented team will send you a range of design options along with a quote.
  3. Confirmation & Sample Checking, Once the mockup and quote approved, we will prepare and send you a free sample of what the finished product should look like.
  4. Mass Production, After verification that the sample meets all your requirements, our engineers will mass-produce all your products.
  5. Delivery, The final step in our production line is delivering the promotional products to you. In most cases, we ship by air for faster delivery.
We provide outstanding packaging solutions that meet your business needs. We serve various clients from retail stores, school organization, event planners, design companies and any other industries.

Custom Flags

Whether you are looking to advertise your trade show event or existing business, custom printed flags are an economical and attractive way to stand out to potential customers.

Custom Garden Flags
Custom Garden Flags

Custom garden flags are a great way to add a splash of color to your home garden. You can display anything from marketing messages to seasonal greetings and everything in between. Printed garden flags add a flair of elegance to your general home decor and are a fun way to celebrate seasons and special occasions. At Noya, we supply custom garden flags in bulk for both branding and advertising. We can customize your flags with any monogram, logo, or photo to fit your aesthetic needs.

Custom Feather Flags

Made of fiberglass poles and knitted polyester flags, custom feather flags are popular advertising tools used to market businesses, events and display other custom messages. Noya is a renowned custom feather flags manufacturer in China. Whether it's a retail business, car dealership or tradeshow event, printed feather flags are ideal for outdoor advertising including sidewalks, pavements, gardens, and modular displays among many others.

Custom Boat Flags
Custom Boat Flags

Custom boat flags are an attractive way to get your boat or watercraft noticed. By printing your logo, image, or custom message, you can add some personality to your boat and also spread the word about your business to potential customers. As an experienced custom boat flags manufacturer, Noya works with sailors, boat owners, and cruisers to supply printed promotional boat flags in bulk at wholesale prices. We can design boat flags in any size, shape, and material and supply them in bulk.

Custom Flags 3x5
Custom Flags 3x5

Also known as horizontal flags, custom 3x5 flags are the most versatile type of flags in any outdoor marketing setting. When branded with your logo, they are great for strengthening brands, celebrating events and promoting fundraisers. Noya is a leading custom 3x5 flags manufacturer in China and all over the world. We supply printed 3x5 flags in bulk for advertising and marketing. Our custom made flags can be branded with your own custom logo, photos, and texts.

Custom Advertising Flags

Custom advertising flags are a popular marketing tool for many businesses. Their eye-catching logos and vibrant colors ensure you stand out from the crowd. They can easily attract ongoing traffic getting your message out to endless new customers. Let the wind do the talking for you. At Noya, our custom advertising flags are printed in full color on polyester fabric material. They are great for indoor or outdoor use and come with optional base attachments. We carry several kinds of printed advertising flags in bulk including teardrop and feather flags and in a variety of different sizes.

Custom Large Flags
Custom Large Flags

Custom large flags are an effective marketing tool for your business. They can be used for advertising your brand or institution by printing the logo and motto or for showing loyalty to a common cause. Noya is celebrated as one of the most prominent wholesale manufacturers of custom large flags in China. We offer customizable large flags available as single or double sided designs. You can pick whatever colors, texts, logos or images you want and we will brand them for you.

Custom Pole Flags

Custom pole flags give your business a sense of identity while still increasing your brand visibility and drawing more attention from potential customers. They are a great alternative to traditional outdoor marketing, especially if you are working with a limited advertising budget. Noya is a full-service custom pole flags manufacturer in China. With many years of experience, we supply custom made pole flags with your logo in bulk and at wholesale prices to help serve your promotional needs at a fraction of your budget.

Custom Flags Maker
Custom Flags Maker

When advertising an exhibition event or marketing a new business, the more attention you draw to your brand the higher your chances are of reaching more people. Custom made flags are an effective way to spread promotional awareness without eating much into your budget. Over the years, Noya has grown to become a renowned wholesale custom flags maker in China. We supply a wide range of customizable printed flags in bulk ranging from inflatable arches to popup display stands and teardrop flags.

Custom Business Flags
Custom Business Flags

Looking to stand out from competitors on that busy trade show event? Displaying an attractive custom made business flag might just offer you the big break you need. Custom business flags are cheap yet effective promotional tools for advertising your business at any outdoor setting. At Noya, we help you showcase your brand by supplying custom business flags in bulk customized with your marketing slogan and logo. Our unique approach to design and marketing helps draw the right audience to your business to dramatically increase your sales.

Custom Outdoor Flags
Custom Outdoor Flags

Custom outdoor flags are simple yet practical marketing tools to help your brand find its way through the noise to the right prospects for your business. They are vibrant enough to draw promotional attention to your business and large enough to advertise offers and discounts at outdoor events such as trade shows. Noya is a wholesale custom outdoor flags supplier in China specializing in the bulk manufacture of bespoke flags printed with your logo. We supply a wide range of outdoor flags in different shapes, designs, and sizes to fit your needs.

Custom Golf Flags
Custom Golf Flags

Local golf clubs use flags on golf courses to mark holes in the game. This presents a perfect opportunity to advertise your business or charity organisation to the very targeted audience of gold players. Noya supplies custom golf flags in bulk for golf tournaments to help reinforce your brand among players. We customize your golf hole flags with your logo and designs to help spread your promotional message as players indulge themselves in the game.

Custom Flags for Cars
Custom Flags for Cars

From elections to other promotional events, custom flags for cars have become a great alternative to modern promotional marketing for your business. This is because vehicle flags are considered powerful on-the-go advertising tools to spread awareness about upcoming products or other controversial business activities. Noya is a leading supplier of custom flags for cars in bulk and at wholesale prices. We work with business owners to provide them with branded promotional custom flags printed with logos and other marketing insignia.

Custom Flag Printing

Custom flag printing has become a powerful marketing tactic for businesses to promote their products, services, and discounts.This is because branded flags are highly customizable and can be personalized with custom logos and eye-catching designs to reach prospects faster than most outdoor marketing options. Noya specializes in custom flag printing in bulk and works closely with both small and large business owners to supply printed promotional flags in various sizes, designs, and shapes for different advertising needs.

Custom Flags Banners
Custom Flags Banners

Custom flag banners leave lasting marketing impressions to prospects at trade show events, celebrations, and even at your storefront. They range from small teardrop flag banners to larger feather flags and their highly customizable nature make them ideal for printing any advertising content. At Noya, we specialize in the bulk manufacture of custom flag banners for promotional marketing to help spread awareness about your business and other in-store discounts you might be running.

Custom Made Flags
Custom Made Flags

Custom made flags are perfect for outdoor advertising to help promote your products at trade shows, exhibitions, and other celebrations. They are highly customizable and can be personalized with custom logos and texts to improve brand visibility for your business. Noya is a wholesale supplier of custom made flags ranging from branded pennants to banners and display stands printed with your logo. Since we ship in bulk, we are able to extend attractive discounts for large orders to help save on your advertising budget.

Custom Flags Double Sided
Custom Flags Double Sided

Double sided custom flags are mounted in crowded areas in different colors and eye-catching designs to help draw attention to your business. They serve as powerful marketing tools for both indoor and outdoor events and the double sided printing makes them visible from any side. As a wholesale manufacturer of double sided custom flags, Noya prides itself in helping businesses like yours grow by supplying personalized flags printed on both sides for maximum brand exposure.

Custom Yard Flags
Custom Yard Flags

Also known as garden flags, custom yard flags add a personal touch to your home garden. They can serve as awareness tools to spread awareness about your yard sale, education seminar, or any other public activities you plan on hosting in your yard. Noya supplies custom yard flags in bulk to help decorate your yard, promote events, or celebrate holiday seasons with your neighbors. We can customize your yard flags with custom monograms, logos, welcome messages, and photos to suit your taste.

Custom Teardrop Flags
Custom Teardrop Flags

Looking to get your brands noticed? Custom teardrop flags are an excellent way to communicate with visitors and add a decorative flair to your company. You can also use teardrop flags to carry emblem by printing logo to serve your marketing needs. Whether you are looking to decorate your booth or events, Noya is your ideal partner when it comes to supplying custom teardrop flags. We specialize in wholesale teardrop flags branded with your own custom design elements to match your brand taste and style.

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Custom Flags Manufacture:The Complete FAQ Guide

What are flags made of?

Most advertising flags are made of polyester, a durable and easy to print poly knit mesh fabric. While there are some nylon flags in the market, they are less preferred due to their inability to support colorful printing.
Polyester flags, on the other hand, are lightweight, durable, stretch resistance, and support high resolution color printing. Polyester flags are also water resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions without fading, making them an ideal choice for outdoor advertising.
Where to get custom flags made

Where to get custom flags made?

Noya is a prominent custom flags manufacturer and supplier in China with distribution channels all over the world. We specialize in wholesale custom made flags printed with your own graphics and logos to fit your exact advertising goals.
Whether you are looking to promote a yard sale or simply advertise new products at a trade show event, Noya can supply branded custom flags for your business in bulk at unbeatable wholesale prices. We manufacture branded promotional flags with an extensive range of sizes, design options, shapes to suit different marketing goals.

How much does a custom made flag cost?

The cost of a custom made flag is highly dependent on the size of the flag, printing options (one sided or double sided), and quantity ordered. A standard 3×5 flag can cost as low as $1.5 and this cost is subject to increase depending on the customization options you choose.
Basically, for large bulk orders, Noya offers attractive discounts. Double sided custom flags also tend to cost more than single sided printed flags. Small flags such as custom flags for cars also cost much less than large custom flags which are used for big outdoor promotion events.
How to make custom flags

How to make custom flags? (manufacturing process)

Manufacturing of custom flags starts from a special polyester fabric. A machine unwinds the fabric over rollers that pull it straight and tight. It then enters a digital printer for two-step printing. The first printing head lays down the image and a second one deepens it. Printing in two steps keeps the dyes from running.
The printed fabric moves to the next machine where it is inspected through guide rollers and secured from the end. The flag material travels over a large cylinder that’s heated to 419 degrees. This bakes or fixates the dye into the fabric.
At the wash line, a worker aligns the flag with a sheet of leader fabric and trims the end. A sewing machine stitches the fabrics together in a chain lock configuration. The first wash removes any excess dye that wasn’t fixated on the fabric while the second bath contains chemicals that neutralize the cleaning substances. Finally, the fabric travels through a rent station to remove the residual chemicals
Pressurized brawlers wring out the water and the fabric travels over steamed heated cylinders that dry and iron the fabric. The flight material winds around rollers before reaching the cutting table. The flags are then cut out using a pair of industrial scissors.
At another station, a machine installs a grommet on the front and a washer on the back to make an eyelet. A fiberglass rod is inserted in the sleeve and a bungee cord is threaded through the eyelet to complete the custom flag.
print logos on custom flags

Can I print logos on custom flags?

Yes. Custom flags are often made from polyester material which allows direct printing on the fabric using dye sublimation. You can print high resolution designs, photos, logos, and texts on custom flags and the designs will sit on the flag for a long time without fading.

What are custom flags used for?

Custom flags are used to promote a business to new prospects and advertise new products to existing customers. They are a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing and can help draw a lot of attention to your business and brand as a whole.
During trade show events, custom flags can be used to direct potential customers to an event stand. This is because they are often ‘waving’ to prospects to draw more attention to your offers. Their highly customizable nature also makes them ideal for printing eye-catching designs that ultimately increase brand visibility for your business.

What size is a car flag?

A standard car flag is approximately 11.5″ x 18″ in size and often comes attached to a small white pole. This size may vary depending on the type of moving vehicle and promotional goal of the bearer. Car flags are often used as on-the-go promotional tools for businesses and other dignitary events.

Are flags double sided?

Custom flags can either be single-sided or double-sided. While the single reverse style is more common, double sided flags are also available for maximum visibility. A blocking liner between the two sides is used to ensure that the designs don’t bleed into the other side. This allows for independent printing of different artwork on both sides of the custom flag.

Are flags allowed on cars?

Depending on the type of flag and your residing country, some flags are allowed on cars. From a marketing perspective, flying flags on vehicles should be fine for the most part. The goal here is to spread awareness about a business or support a cause. However, flying the country’s national flag may attract a fine in many countries and is only limited to certain dignitaries.
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