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Custom Awards Manufacturer From China

Noya offers eye-catching awards that have great design and concept.
We manufacture and supply wood awards, crystal awards & metal awards used in the employee Award, Music awards, among others. Our skilled staff are professional, dependable, reliable, and responsible.
They bring a positive attitude while serving you as well as improving the quality of our custom awards.
We strive to offer the best design when it comes to tailor-made awards. Customer interest is paramount when we engrave or polish awards.
Huge Selection of Exclusive Promo Products
Custom Printed Logo for Business Branding
Offering Best-in-Class Personalization & Service
Free Art Help & Rush Service Available
  1. Enquiry, Email us your design, the type of promo items, the style, the quantity, the due date etc.
  2. Design & Quote, Our talented team will send you a range of design options along with a quote.
  3. Confirmation & Sample Checking, Once the mockup and quote approved, we will prepare and send you a free sample of what the finished product should look like.
  4. Mass Production, After verification that the sample meets all your requirements, our engineers will mass-produce all your products.
  5. Delivery, The final step in our production line is delivering the promotional products to you. In most cases, we ship by air for faster delivery.
We provide outstanding packaging solutions that meet your business needs. We serve various clients from retail stores, school organization, event planners, design companies and any other industries.

Custom Awards

NOYA is your Custom Specialist and will make your logo, design or event artwork into a unique and special award your group, league or team can be proud of. Customized medals, trophies, plaques, crystals and so much more can be designed using your art or event information. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so wether you are running a league or an event, we can help you with fully customized awards and recognition products for your special event.

Custom Award Medals
Custom Award Medals

Award Medals are given in honour of recognition and appreciation. They are perfectly crafted. Texts or logos are carefully engraved providing an elegant award. Engraving can be personalized so that the winner may feel attached and cherish it forever. Award Medal is an ideal choice if you would like colour included in it. For custom award medals, we allow you to decide on a size, color, design shapes, and engraved images . They are unique awards and take lots of craftsmanship. Contact Noya for a fast quote within 6 hours now!

Custom Employee Awards
Custom Employee Awards

Employee awards are also known as recognition awards. They are crucial for enterprises as they help to keep employees motivated and happy. Noya supplies these vital awards for business as they are used for annual events such as AGM, monthly and weekly meetings. They are used to acknowledge employees' efforts in their workstations in addition to appreciating them. We are flexible regarding your business needs as we tailor-make your awards using custom samples, pictures, text, or logo. FREE DESIGN NOW!

Custom Awards Ribbons
Custom Awards Ribbons

These ribbons are given to strengthen teams as they are able to contribute toward the achievement of certain goals. Custom awards ribbons inspire other employees to perform much better. There are wide ranges of awards ribbons products. They include a wide range of products which include Brass, Iron, Copper, Soft Ribbon Medals, Die Cast, Soft Enamel Ribbon Medals, Die Casting Running Ribbon Medals, among others. The best time to offer these awards is when you want to yield a positive return on your business. At Noya, we take care of your needs and have stocks that fit your budget.

Custom Awards and Trophies
Custom Awards and Trophies

Custom awards and trophies are used by several businesses and intuitions. Trophies are made of different designs and materials; this includes bronze, silver & gold trophies. They can be engraved with the company's logo and text that reflects the theme of the occasions. If you are interested in custom made trophies to give your employees, friends and relatives, Noya is there for you. We have high-quality, elegant crystal trophies that vary in design size and various awards and trophies that are perfect for your budget. We foster to offer the best by creating a brand; this helps to increase our engagement with you as we offer tailor-made trophies.

Custom Crystal Awards
Custom Crystal Awards

The crystal awards is a symbol of nobility and purity and is often used for prizes awarded by the government and enterprises. Noya is a custom crystal awards maker that you can rely on; whether for your business or special needs, they will love to receive your crystal awards. You can select over 1000 types of crystal awards from Noya. Depending on your reward necessity, we manufacture these crystal awards of different colours, sizes, shapes, and with several add-ons. One of the benefits you enjoy is that we can do a free design at no added cost.

Custom Awards and Engraving
Custom Awards and Engraving

Custom awards that can be engraved include football players, animals, soldiers, and various shapes. An engraved award can be used to honour retirees for your company, and you will love it. This fills receipts with emotions. We also have engraved awards for various occasions that range from brass, classic chooses, among others. Noya is the leading manufacturer for engraved awards and proud to offer high-end custom awards in the world. We offer engraved cups, trophies, plaques that you can choose and that work best. For your occasion, contact us for top quality engraving services.

Custom Built Awards
Custom Built Awards

Awards are intended for organizations, businesses, schools, churches, sports leagues/ teams, or any special personal occasion. Custom-built awards come in different sizes, shapes, material and designs. They include plaques, trophies, ribbons, name badges, medallions. Materials such as glass, crystal, metal and acrylic are used to create them. If you have an upcoming celebration, custom built awards may serve you good. The awards are custom built and have the name, logo or tailor-made message for the recipient included. If you are looking for awards at Noya, we got all for you. We will do it for you.

Custom Metal Awards
Custom Metal Awards

These are considerable metal trophies, and metal plaques are intended to be displayed in your office, home, or trophy case. The designs, shape and sizes remind you of some of the major awards ceremonies worldwide. There are high-quality award metals, awards that are beautiful, classy, memorable that you can choose from. If you are seeking out awards that are really eye-catching to commemorate a historical event, custom metal awards from Noya. Send us your requirements to make your occasion memorable. We are ready to get you what you want.

Custom Awards Certificates
Custom Awards Certificates

Organizations and institutions often give custom award certificates to their best performers. They are usually given during special meetings, AGM, quarterly meetings or any other time that you may see fit. Certificates can be displayed on the office wall for every visitor to recognize your achievement in the institutions. They ought to be a treasure for achievement as well as acting as the source of motivation. As one of the leading awards manufacturer in China, we not only have different varieties of these custom award certificates, but we are also the leading awards manufacturer in the world. You can place your order no matter the quantity and leave the rest to us.

Custom Unique Awards
Custom Unique Awards

Unique Awards are given to employees or individuals for their achievements in life or at the workplace. They vary in design, size, shape, quality and material. Custom awards can display the recipient name, company logo, or a text message that is directed toward the recipient or the occasion. They may look like stand-alone art, metal plaque, gold silver, crystals, trophies acrylic .these ward display or convey a special message to the recipients. The unique award has a brilliant impression at any given time. When you order bulk unique awards from Noya for your business, you are guaranteed the best service that will leave you satisfied.

Custom Music Awards
Custom Music Awards

Music awards are given to musicians and artist by different organizations and institutions after achievement in their career. They vary in design size and prices. Music awards may come in the form of trophies, plaques, certificate, among others. They can also be small or large medallions that you can mount in the lobby or studio. An award can be made using specified, elegant finishing options available. These music awards can be customized and include the name, logo, or a message directed to the recipient for the achievement. Our experience at Noya staff is there to help you to select the best award that suits your budget.

Corporate Awards Plaques
Corporate Awards Plaques

Corporate Awards Plaques are used to showcase achievements and accomplishments. You can place them on your office wall so that your visitor may recognize your achievement. Plaques are made of various materials and designs. Typically these awards have different price tags depending on the material used to construct. Most Corporate Awards Plaques are made of glass, crystal and acrylic. They may look similar, but the material varies in quality. Acrylic plaques are cheaper and durable. Our mission at Noya is to meet your goals by supplying high-quality awards to our client, leaving them satisfied. Don't hesitate to contact me for your custom awards.

Custom Wood Awards
Custom Wood Awards

There are thousands of wooden awards that business and institutions can be given to employees, friends and relatives. These awards come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and prices. If you require customized text or logo, this can be done for you by the experts. This might take a little more time to depend on how you want it to look. Typically it may take 5-10 days to set up. Noya offers customized wood awards. It doesn’t matter the quantity you want will serve you right, our prices are favourable to all our clients worldwide.

Custom Awards and Embroidery
Custom Awards and Embroidery

These are custom awards given by cooperation or institutions to its best performers. This creates high performance for its recipients. Blanks awards without a name logo or a certain message may not have a meaning, but adding some personalized messages to the recipient logo using embroidery makes it more appealing to them. They feel appreciated and attached to it by recognizing their achievement as you express your gratitude. As a professional awards manufacturer, we have committed team members that achieve and satisfy our customers' needs. You can place your order and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Custom Awards Maker
Custom Awards Maker

Custom awards offer various creative expressions in craftsmanship. This award can be given to employees, friends and relatives during their anniversaries, graduation and other events. There are various custom awards, and there isn't any limitation to design features, details, size or shape. They include custom made trophies, plaques. They can be presented in honour of service offered to certain institutions by the government. The recipient will definitely love them. As awards manufacturer, we offer customized awards that will suit your needs, for instance, your design, events and occasions. We can include text, logo or the name of the recipient.

Wide Custom Options For Your Unique Event Planning

Custom awards for special events, team awards, coach appreciation and more engraved with your message.


Eight Reasons To Choose NoyaPro

Custom Awards Manufacturer:The Definitive FAQ Guide

What are the awards for employees?

Employee awards are designed for employers to confer or recognize their employees who have done better than their workforce.
The recipient of these awards makes them feel more energized and motivated.
It is one of the programs that help to boost employee morale, engagement.
This is done to ensure that the employees feel recognized for their effort for the well being of the company or workstation.
It acts as an incentive program where you can provide a token of appreciation for your best salesperson, customer representative for a job well done.

What is a plaque award?

Plaque award is an engraved wall plaque that is used as a recognition award. This is mostly used for traditional corporate awards. The award may be hanged on the wall for visitors may admire for years to come.
Engraved plaques can be in an array of materials, such as stone, wood, glass metal. It is recommended to sort your selection from the memorial, photo, traditional, and plaques as well.
Plaques can now be made out of wood, crystal, metal, and other matter that can be molded into an incredible award that is relevant to a certain event.

What are the types of awards?

An Award is Prizes are bestowed to achievers in various fields ranging from arts, sports hobbies, technology business, Politics, science writing. Humanities entertainment, leadership service to the community, among others
Although they take diverse forms, the names given to award is determined by the occasions and event,
Great success Stories go by with great results, therefore. It is advisable to recognize and appreciate the recipient. When this is done, it acts as a motivation and gets more energy to strive more, for instance, music awards, and employee awards.
Awards may take the difference of items such as plaques, subscriptions, books, periodical or monetary.

What’s a good name for an award?

It is good to Consider names that always reflect your organization’s culture. A good name should be unique and creative.
You can consider names that relate to the occasions or events and generate your own award name ideas. Getting a personalized name is a great way to show appreciation and recognition for the recipient.
Appreciation and customization of these awards branded with your logo help the recipient become more attached to it, for instance, music awards, and employee awards, among others.

How much custom does awards cost?

The cost of awards custom depends on how your custom is. There are several levels of customization, from easy to complex and the more intricate the customization. Different colors and sizes also determine the cost of awards.
Awards are custom made to some extent owing to the extensive processes and marking procedure that is required. It is good to get a quotation from Noya so that we can determine the given set of procedures offered.
The cost of custom awards is also determined by the quantity of bulk order that you want.

What do you say in an award plaque?

Engraving plaques awards can be overwhelming.
It is important that you should take time to choose what to say as it’s permanent. Whatever you want to say has to have a deep meaning, special and impactful .even if you aren’t a professional writer Noya is there for you. We can do it at just a fair price and help you to choose the best words.
Over the years,’ messages on having made us laugh, cry and, smile whatever you say on a plaque should be simple, personalize it, compliment the recipient, and write in general terms.

What is the Leadership Award?

When displayed to the public, marble and stone plaques and awards typically add worth to a business and its workers by reminding them every day of the significance of their discipline and loyalty.
Famous types of leadership awards include performance, sales, achievement, appreciation, recognition, and best in superiority. The award will, in addition, attract the attention of your client.
Noya offers both customizable and pre-designed award choices to assist you in selecting the most excellent logo and word designs for your appreciated senior employees.
The awards will be crafted depending on the material and design that you choose.

How much is a bronze plaque?

The price of an engraved bronze plaque usually depends on various things: the kind of engraved coating on the plaque, the size, the kind of wood used to make the plaque, and the design itself. The price of a normal engraved bronze plaque can vary from below $10 to pretty over $100.
Bronze plaques are, in fact, custom, and this allows different finishes, like patina, oxidized, polished, and more than a dozen of usual paint colours.
Things such as pictures or other design aspects can as well be added to line up with brand worth or make the plaque or trophy look more pleasing.

Where can I buy custom awards?

Noya specializes in the manufacturing of awards, export to Europe and USA, offering consultations, analysis, Quality Control, and one-stop promotional services.
Your trophies and awards are modified with carved information and any logo/artwork at Noya. We will ensure that the designs fit your requirements ahead of you paying anything.
The selection of custom plaques and trophies are ideal for everything; they are perfect for large-scale business events and small office celebration. Inspire the entire teams, or just say thank you with our custom awards and trophies from Noya.
We have attention-grabbing awards and trophies which workers will feel proud to display on their desks. Our superior quality custom awards are available in glass or clear optical crystal.

Can I design my own trophy?

Yes, you can! However, when conjuring up the design brief, be creative. Feel okay to have a glance at our sports trophies to get an idea for your design. After that, just push the boundaries of your design!
You have even the capacity to design a custom-made trophy which is on brand and also identifiable at the sight of an eye. We can cut the trophy to the shape and also colour print according to your desire.
Any picture can be carved inside crystal or glass. Noya can design all shapes of crystal award and carve with any image or logo.

How do you make an award statue?

You can craft award statue shapes using chunky card stock paper. With spray paint, together with wood plaques, it is very easy to make them.
You can design custom trophies of any shape, colour, size, and material that you would like. There are never-ending ways to make custom award trophies which will be treasured all the times.
Go an extra mile by just adding somebody’s name to the award to make it look “custom.” You can use these ideas to make custom trophies awards which can turn out to be really memorable reminders.

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