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Custom Promotional Fridge Magnets

Custom fridge magnets are handy devices used to pin important things such as shopping lists, to-do lists as well as reminders, on fridges. Since everybody has to visit the kitchen several times on a typical day, it makes sense to have a platform in the kitchen to place your reminders. Noya is a leading producer of custom refrigerator magnets, promotional magnets, and branded magnets in China. As a distinguished supplier of branded promotional products, Noya ships custom fridge magnets in bulk to all regions in the world.
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  1. Enquiry, Email us your design, the type of promo items, the style, the quantity, the due date etc.
  2. Design & Quote, Our talented team will send you a range of design options along with a quote.
  3. Confirmation & Sample Checking, Once the mockup and quote approved, we will prepare and send you a free sample of what the finished product should look like.
  4. Mass Production, After verification that the sample meets all your requirements, our engineers will mass-produce all your products.
  5. Delivery, The final step in our production line is delivering the promotional products to you. In most cases, we ship by air for faster delivery.
We provide outstanding packaging solutions that meet your business needs. We serve various clients from retail stores, school organization, event planners, design companies and any other industries.

Custom Printed Fridge Magnets

If you are looking to advertise your brand through memorable keepsake magnets, then you can bank on us to make you the most memorable promotional fridge magnets for your marketing campaign.

Promotional Refrigerator Magnets
Promotional Refrigerator Magnets

Promotional refrigerator magnets enable us to use our refrigerators as a memory tool where we can post stuff and view them every time we visit the fridge. You can use promotional refrigerator magnets to post shopping lists, child art as well as calendars. Noya is a reputable B2B supplier of custom-made promotional refrigerator magnets. If you are looking to promote your business through fridge magnets, we can supply you with branded magnets in bulk.

Branded Fridge Magnets

A good way to advertise your business in residential homes would be to use branded fridge magnets. If you happen to own or manage a business whose clientele is home-based, you may consider using printed magnets with a logo as a marketing tool. Businesses that would benefit from this advertising idea include companies that sell household items such as furniture, house fittings, home equipment, and domestic services.

Printed Photo Fridge Magnets
Printed Photo Fridge Magnets

Nowadays, custom refrigerator magnets can be made big enough to fit photos and calendars on them. As a matter of fact, you can even convert your beautiful Instagram photos into a beautifully printed photo fridge magnet by using magnetic strips and magic glaze. At Noya, we supply our clients with high-quality professionally-crafted printed photo magnets in bulk. All you need to do is supply us with your custom photos and we will do the job for you.

Wholesale Funny Fridge Magnets

If you are thinking of selling funny fridge magnets in your store, we can provide you with funny magnets for fridges at wholesale prices. Our funny fridge magnets range from animal-themed magnets to creative 3D resin cartoon magnets. If you have no particular design in mind, we can also design for you some custom funny magnets and supply them in bulk.

Custom Cool Fridge Magnets
Custom Cool Fridge Magnets

One of the most effective home advertising strategies in the 21st century is the use of custom cool fridge magnets. These magnets could be printed stickers, cool creative stickers, 3D animal fridge magnets, or even cartoon-themed magnets. At Noya, we produce custom cool fridge magnets in bulk based on the client’s preferences. You can order cool fridge magnets from us and we will deliver as expected.

Promotional Fridge Magnets Souvenirs
Promotional Fridge Magnets Souvenirs

Explore our wide selection of souvenir fridge magnet designs and pick one that we can manufacture for you at wholesale terms. We have a wide selection of tourist souvenir fridge magnets along with promotional fridge magnets that can act as souvenirs.

Custom Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener
Custom Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

You can also build on your brand visibility by employing branded fridge magnet bottle openers as an advertising strategy. Usually, most people prefer having fridge magnet bottle openers as opposed to hanging an opener (using a chain or lanyard) on the fridge. The good thing with branded magnetic bottle openers for fridges is that they can be designed to include many branding elements such as logos, words, and company slogans. Additionally, acquiring fridge magnet bottle openers in bulk is not as expensive as acquiring some types of branded merchandise for home advertising.

Bulk Refrigerator Magnets Letters
Bulk Refrigerator Magnets Letters

One of the best tricks to instill a learning culture in children is the use of Refrigerator magnetic letters. Letter magnets are very alluring to young children especially those in kindergarten. You can use fridge magnetic letters to help your child remember what they have learned in school. If you are a merchant considering selling magnetic letters for fridges to your customers, we at Noya can supply you with these letters at wholesale prices.

Custom Unique Refrigerator Magnets
Custom Unique Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets come in various shapes and designs. You can even craft your own custom unique refrigerator magnets for home. Some of the unique fridge magnet designs that we offer include cookie magnets, gummy bear magnets, handmade driftwood, and beach-inspired magnets as well as magnets with inspirational quotes. If you are on the hunt for random custom unique magnets for the fridge, we can make them for you in bulk and at reasonable prices.

Refrigerator Magnets for Business
Refrigerator Magnets for Business

Selling refrigerator magnets is an awesome business idea. If you own a general store, you can include fridge magnets in your catalog and increase your profits. At Noya, we supply our clients with refrigerator magnets for business at wholesale price. Our range of fridge magnets is extensive varying from creative magnets for fridges to custom fridge magnets and branded sticker magnets.

Custom Vintage Refrigerator Magnets
Custom Vintage Refrigerator Magnets

If you fancy vintage art and that unique sense of antiquity, we can supply you with creative vintage fridge magnets. Our vintage magnets range from antique photo magnets to classic printed magnets. We can also make custom vintage magnets for you. All you need to do is provide us with your design specifications and maybe a vintage photo that we can print on the magnet.

Custom Fridge Magnets Calendar
Custom Fridge Magnets Calendar

As mentioned earlier, technology has enabled fridge magnet manufacturers like Noya, to make fridge magnets that are strong enough to pin bigger items such as calendars and photos. Additionally, some magnets can be made big enough to accommodate a printed calendar or photo on their surface. Our designers are capable of making any custom magnetic calendar for any fridge as well as fridge calendar holders.

Custom Refrigerator Magnets Animals
Custom Refrigerator Magnets Animals

You’ve probably seen fridge magnets that have been molded to resemble cute animals like cats, dogs, and bears. Well, such magnets are not that complicated to make. Noya, prides itself in having experienced fridge magnet designers that can make you any animal-themed magnets for you in bulk. The good thing is that our team incorporates their own creativity into the design process, keeping in mind your specifications as requested.

Custom Fridge Magnets Alphabet for Kids
Custom Fridge Magnets Alphabet for Kids

Noya offers its esteemed customers a wide range of custom magnets ranging from the usual numeric fridge magnets to custom alphabet fridge magnets. Whatever fridge magnet design you wish to be made for you, we will make it and supply it in bulk. Custom alphabet fridge magnets for kids are ideal for sprucing up your kitchen as well as providing a learning platform for your children.

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Custom Fridge Magnets: The Complete FAQ Guide

What are Fridge Magnets
What are Fridge Magnets? (Also called Refrigerator Magnets)

A Fridge magnet or refrigerator magnet is a creatively designed magnet, often small but artistic, that is designed to stick on fridge surfaces for purposes of posting stuff on the fridge. Fridge magnets come in varied sizes, shapes, and designs. They can be used to stick stuff on the fridge such as shopping lists, reminders, children’s art, or even message notes.

What are Fridge Magnets used for

What are Fridge Magnets used for? (Also explain why they are popular)

The applicability of fridge magnets is limitless. Other than being beautiful accessories for decorating kitchen appliances and surfaces, fridge magnets can be used to post important stuff such as reminders, shopping lists, and to-do lists on fridge doors to make it easy to remember things. Nowadays promotional fridge magnets can be crafted to include diverse things on their surfaces such as a calendar or a promotion logo for a company.

How much do fridge magnets cost?

A fridge magnet costs from 0.5 to 5 dollars depending on quantity and modeling.
The cost of fridge magnets largely depends on the design. Less complicated magnet designs are often cheaper to make and hence cheaper to buy at wholesale terms. Complex fridge magnet designs such as glowing refrigerator magnets and 3D fridge magnets are of course a bit costlier. The magnet manufacturer you choose can also determine the cost of fridge magnets. At Noya, we strive to offer value for money for all our promotional products including custom promotional fridge magnets.

How do you make a custom magnet

How Do you Make a Custom Magnet?

Making a custom magnet is not a complicated affair. However, that depends on the design and size of the custom magnet you want to make. Printed photo magnets are the easiest to make. When making a custom printed magnet follow these simple steps:
Consolidate all the materials you need for the custom magnets DIY project. Basically, all you need is a few printed photos that you wish to be the face of the magnet, a sheet of self-adhesive magnetic foil, a sharp knife, a ruler, and a cutting mat.
Start by removing the protective layer from the foil and sticking the photos on the surface of the magnetic foil.
Run your finger, while wrapped in a cloth, on the surface of the photo (lying on the magnetic sheet. The cloth is meant to prevent your fingerprints from being stamped on the surface of the photo.
Now cut your magnets into desired shapes from the magnetic sheet, once the printed photos have adhered to the sheet.
Note: For more complex magnets, you can always work with a renowned custom magnet manufacturer like Noya. Other than offering a variety of magnet designs, Noya produces custom magnets in bulk.

What are fridge magnets made of

What are fridge magnets made of?

Fridge magnets can be made from a wide range of materials including rubber, PVC, plastic, epoxy, metal, and porcelain. Nevertheless, due to the fact that all fridge magnets ought to have a magnet in them, most fridge magnets including printed photo magnets, are made of metal combined with other constituents. Metal is the primary material used to make custom fridge magnets.

Where to buy custom fridge magnets?

If buying fridge magnets at retail, you can visit any general store or supermarket near you and you will find an assortment of custom magnets for fridges. On the other hand, if you want fridge magnets in bulk, then Noya is a good place to make your order. We produce all sorts of custom magnets in desired shapes and quantities in bulk.

When did refrigerator magnets become popular?

Refrigerator magnets became popular at the start of the 1960s. At the time, most fridge magnets were designed in the form of plastic letters and beautiful magnetic numbers. Just as with any early invention, an entrepreneur, William Zimmerman rushed to obtain the first patent for fridge magnets. He was granted his wish and patented the idea of creating fridge magnets based on small cartoon figures in the 1970s.

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