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Custom Paper Bags Manufacturer from China

Noya is an esteemed custom paper bags manufacturer and supplier in China. We specialize in supplying branded custom paper bags with your logo in bulk at wholesale prices. Often branded for company promotions and advertisements, custom paper bags are unique carry bags and are perfect for storage and display. Our clients include supermarkets, departmental stores, promotional organizations, eco-friendly organizations, and packaging professionals.
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  1. Enquiry, Email us your design, the type of promo items, the style, the quantity, the due date etc.
  2. Design & Quote, Our talented team will send you a range of design options along with a quote.
  3. Confirmation & Sample Checking, Once the mockup and quote approved, we will prepare and send you a free sample of what the finished product should look like.
  4. Mass Production, After verification that the sample meets all your requirements, our engineers will mass-produce all your products.
  5. Delivery, The final step in our production line is delivering the promotional products to you. In most cases, we ship by air for faster delivery.
We provide outstanding packaging solutions that meet your business needs. We serve various clients from retail stores, school organization, event planners, design companies and any other industries.

Printed Paper Bags with Your Logo

As a leading promotional products supplier, our adept personnel assures excellent craftsmanship, quality superiority, and timely delivery for all your custom paper bag needs. We enjoy a good reputation in the challenging and quality-conscious international market.

Custom Printed Paper Bags
Custom Printed Paper Bags

From shopping malls to restaurants and corporate events, custom printed paper bags with personalized logos are not only essential to shoppers but also a practical marketing tool for corporate events. Noya understands the power of having your custom logo on printed paper bags. They are great for extending your customer engagement while still serving a crucial purpose in our lives.

Custom Paper Bags with Logo

For most shoppers, paper bags are more than a necessity. When personalized with custom graphics like logos, they become a daily companion. If you are looking to brand custom paper bags with your logo in bulk, Noya is your ideal choice. With many years in the industry, we understand what makes a memorable paper bag. Better yet, we understand consumer psychology. At Noya, we are a bulk manufacturer and supplier of custom paper bags with logos in China. These branded bags are great for shopping, corporate events, and even restaurants.

Custom Paper Bags Wholesale
Custom Paper Bags Wholesale

Whether it’s a shopping tote or a simple gift bag, custom paper bags leave a polished impression of your brand. If you are looking to improve brand recognition through branded paper bags, you will want to find a reliable supplier who can work within your budget. Noya is a leading supplier of personalized custom paper bags at wholesale prices. Our low MOQ policy lets you order in bulk quantities without any minimums or caps.

Custom Paper Shopping Bags
Custom Paper Shopping Bags

Whether you are branding for a sale or a trade show event, custom paper shopping bags present a practical opportunity to get your brand out there. By printing paper shopping bags in bulk with your own custom logo, you can easily improve brand visibility as shoppers interact with your logo with every transaction. This is a great way to reach prospects during mass sale public events. At Noya, we work with you to supply custom paper shopping bags embossed with your own custom branding and logos at wholesale prices.

Custom Gift Bags Bulk

Custom gift bags with your logo are a walking advertisement for your business. They let you package shopping items for your customers in a special way. So customers tend to treasure them more as shopping companions. If you are looking to source custom gift bags in bulk, Noya is your go to choice. Our remarkable wholesale prices make us even more irresistible. Noya stocks both small custom gift bags ideal for product samples and large gift bags which are more ideal for big shopping experiences. We can customize your gift bags with your own logo and other accessories such as ribbons and specialty tissue paper.

Custom Paper Bags for Restaurants
Custom Paper Bags for Restaurants

Restaurant bags are used as takeout bags for bakeries, cafes, coffee shops, and fast-food restaurants. When customized with your own logo and brand colors, they are a great promotional tool for your business. Noya is a bulk supplier of custom paper bags in China with ties from all over the world. We offer several styles, designs, and sizes to suit any restaurant setting. Since we ship in bulk, our prices are standardized for the wholesale consumer.

Custom Kraft Paper Bags
Custom Kraft Paper Bags

Custom kraft paper bags are a great way to promote your business in an eco-friendly yet sophisticated way. They immediately give off an elegant homemade aesthetic to your customers as they shop. As a renowned custom kraft paper bags manufacturer in China, Noya supplies bespoke paper bags with logos to suit your unique brand and style. We can also supply luxury kraft bags in bulk to elevate the appeal of your brand.

Custom Gift Bags for Business
Custom Gift Bags for Business

Holiday seasons and corporate events buzz with bespoke gift bags as many businesses try to brand their way into promotions. Custom gift bags for business are the perfect way for you to expose your brand to potential customers. Noya is a trusted custom gift bag for business supplier both in China and all over the world. Our bags come in different sizes to suit any shopper and can be customized with your logo to further personalize your gifts to prospects.

Custom Paper Bags with Handles
Custom Paper Bags with Handles

Every shopper who uses brown paper bags has one worry - tearing. The need for firm shopping paper bags with handles is apparent everywhere. The handles can either be paper twist or flat fold. At Noya, we manufacture custom paper bags with handles and a reinforced base to hold your shopping items in place as you carry them around. We go an extra mile to personalize these paper bags with your logo and other branding graphics. Fair prices? Yes, please. Since we supply in bulk, we are able to deliver the custom paper bags with handles at discounted wholesale prices.

Custom Made Paper Bags
Custom Made Paper Bags

One of the easiest ways to amplify your brand using customers is by using custom-made paper bags printed with your logo and other branding elements. By personalizing your shopping bags, your customers carry your insignia everywhere they go and as they shop. If you are looking for elegant custom-made paper bags with logos, Noya is all you need. We are a team of creative designers and engineers with experience in manufacturing custom-made paper bags in bulk and supplying them at wholesale prices.

Custom Gift Bags for Wedding
Custom Gift Bags for Wedding

Sending invites to your wedding guests in custom gift bags filled with snacks, a mini-bottle of champagne, and a map to the wedding venue is the beginning of a memorable weekend. Custom gift bags for weddings can be used for anything from welcoming guests to gifting the new couple and music band. They are also good for matching the theme of the wedding. Noya is a bulk supplier of custom gift bags for weddings at wholesale prices. We manufacture bespoke gift bags with your own specifications and delivery them on time. Let us add that personal touch to your big day!

Custom Paper Lunch Bags
Custom Paper Lunch Bags

Custom lunch bags are a practical solution to takeouts at restaurants. They can later be reused by customers to carry food to school or work, further increasing the popularity of your brand. Whether you are a simple fast food cafe or a chain of restaurants, Noya can manufacture custom paper lunch bags branded with your logo and ship them to you in bulk at wholesale prices. An extra personal touch to your lunch packaging, and bon appetit to your customers!

Custom Printed Paper Grocery Bags
Custom Printed Paper Grocery Bags

Custom printed paper grocery bags are used by grocery stores to package groceries for shoppers. They can be printed with custom logos and other graphics to reflect their true purpose and also promote the brand. Noya is a celebrated custom printed paper grocery bags supplier in China and across the world. We understand that groceries can be heavy, and so our bags are reinforced at the bottom to hold more items and optionally come with handles for easy carrying.

Custom Cheap Paper Bags
Custom Cheap Paper Bags

Custom cheap paper bags are affordable marketing tools for your business. With custom printed logos and other insignia, they can be used to both spread the word about your brand and also package freebies during product launches and other public events. At Noya, we manufacture and supply custom cheap paper bags printed with your logo at wholesale prices. Whether it’s a small corporate event or a large promo sale, we can supply in bulk to meet demand.

Custom Paper Retail Bags
Custom Paper Retail Bags

As a retail vendor, one of the easiest ways to stand out to customers is by adding branding to any sale. Custom paper retails bags with logos are a cheap and practical way to do this. Noya is your source for wholesale custom paper retails bags printed with your bespoke logo. We can personalize all your paper bags with your unique branding and supply them in bulk at discounted rates. This allows your customers to carry around your brand and spread the word with every shopping transaction.

Paper Bags Handles Wholesale
Paper Bags Handles Wholesale

Noya provide custom trophy plaques in bulk no matter what kinds of For the savvy shopper, custom paper bags with handles are a necessity. Being a store owner, you need to fulfill this need without eating into your budget. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Noya is a supplier of custom paper bags with handles in bulk and at wholesale prices. We can print your bespoke logo on the paper bags to further promote your brand to customers at unmatched prices. Firm and practical paper bag handles make our bags even more appealing to your customers.

White Paper Bags Bulk
White Paper Bags Bulk

Noya is a proud supplier of white paper bags in bulk. Our full range of white paper bags are available in a variety of finishes, designs, and handle options. Like the color white, our manufacturing process is pure and transparent. We can also customize your white paper bags with your own logo, graphics, and texts to further personalize them. Whether you are looking to promote an upcoming trade event or gift high-end clientele, Noya will supply your custom white paper bags in bulk at wholesale prices.

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We are a celebrated supplier of custom printed paper bags in bulk. Our graphical artists can personalize them with your brand colors and logo to boost your brand’s visibility.
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Paper Bags Supplier: The Complete FAQ Guide

What are paper bags used for

What are paper bags used for?

Mainly made of kraft paper, paper bags are mainly used as shopping carrier bags for carrying consumer goods. Their unique box shape and reinforced base allow them to sit upright on any surface and hold more items.

While paper bags are commonly used in supermarkets as shopping bags, they also find extensive use in other areas such as corporate events for product launches, promotions, and seminars. They can also be used as gift bags to hold special items.

Noya is a proud manufacturer and supplier of custom paper bags with logos for use in any event. Our bespoke bags are personalized with custom designs and logos to elevate your brand to consumers.

How to make paper bags

How to make paper bags?

A popular question among business enthusiasts is “how to make paper bags”. The paper bag manufacturing process is pretty straightforward. First, you will need paper sheets, printing ink, and equipment, eyelets, laces, tags, and polyester stereo.

Step 1: Accurately measure the size of the paper bag you need and cut it out using a cutting machine.

Step 2: Print out your bespoke designs on the paper bag using your printer. This could be anything from your logo, slogan, cartoon, and everything else in between.

Step 3: Next, the printed paper moves to the folding stage where the paper bag takes its shape. Pasting and shearing are then done using automatic machines.

Step 4: Eyelet holes are optionally punched in and the eyelets inserted to hold the lace fittings.

Are paper bags recyclable

Are paper bags recyclable?

Yes. Paper bags made from biodegradable kraft material which makes them 100% recyclable. These types of paper bags are commonly used for grocery shopping and as lunch bags.

However, some paper bags come with an interior plastic lining which is meant to increase the durability of the paper bag. This presents a bit of a problem because plastic is not recyclable. As a balance, this type of bags can be reused instead.

Are paper bags biodegradable?

Brown paper bags contain zero plastic which means they are 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable as long as there are no residual foods. Because they are biodegradable, brown paper bags can also be used for composting purposes.

Since brown paper bags are far much less durable compared to plastic bags, it is highly unlikely that you will get more out of an already used bag. But while not reusable, the environmental impact of using brown paper bags is positive and leads to sustainability.

What makes custom paper bags so great

What makes custom paper bags so great?

Custom paper bags are an eco-friendly solution to all your packaging and branding needs. As a vendor or business owner, you can print your own custom logo or other insignia on paper bags to increase brand visibility as your customers carry the paper bags around.

From an environmental viewpoint, custom paper bags are also positively impactful on the environment since they are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, unlike their plastic paper bag counterparts.

What are the disadvantages of paper bags?

Since paper is very energy-intensive to produce, paper bags take at least three times more energy to manufacture than plastic paper bags. The chemicals used to manufacture paper bags may also ironically pollute the environment.

Another con of using paper bags is that, while they are recyclable, paper fibers weaken further with every recycling process. This means that they are not infinitely recyclable and there is a limit to the number of times a paper bag can undergo the recycling process.

Are custom printed paper bags better than logo plastic bags

Are custom printed paper bags better than logo plastic bags?

By any environmental standards, custom printed paper bags are more sustainable than logo plastic bags. This is because they are recyclable and can showcase your brand just as easily as plastic bags.

Again, printed paper bags keep your shopping items dry and safe. Plastic bags may collect ‘sweat’ if they are exposed to a hot environment for a while.

In terms of branding, both paper bags and plastic bags are great ways to increase visibility for your brand. However, as a vendor, printing paper bags is easier and more cost-effective than printing on plastic bags which may require special equipment.

How much do paper bags cost?

While the cost of paper bags varies with size, it takes about 1 to 5 cents to produce a paper bag. This is a bit higher than the needed to produce a plastic bag, the difference being in the resource-intensiveness of the manufacturing process.

At Noya, we offer great discounts whenever you order your custom paper bags in bulk. Being a renowned supplier, we can ship your eco-friendly custom printed paper bags to you at wholesale prices.

Can I print my logo on custom paper bags

Can I print my logo on custom paper bags?

Yes, custom paper bags can be printed with your logo along with other graphic elements for branding purposes. This offers more value to your business than just using plain stock paper bags.

Custom printed paper bags with your logo allow your customers to showcase your brand as they shop which consequently means more eyes on you and your business. And the best part? Printing on custom paper bags costs as low as 2 cents!

paper bags production handle types

Where to get custom paper bags in bulk?

Another popular question among new business owners is “Where to get custom paper bags in bulk?” Look no further. Noya is a market leader in the supply of custom paper bags with your logo in bulk.

We pride ourselves in the manufacture and supply of custom paper bags for shopping and events at wholesale prices. We can personalize any paper bag with any branding elements and then deliver them to you in bulk at unmatched prices.

Who makes brown paper bags?

Noya is a renowned brown paper bags manufacturer in China with ties from all over the world. Our recyclable and eco-friendly brown paper bags reflect our true care for the environment.

Based in China, Noya has the resources, expertise, and equipment to supply custom brown paper bags in bulk to your business. We can personalize these paper bags with your own custom logo and other insignia to reflect your true brand taste and style.

Our unmatched wholesale prices and quick turn-around times make us the ultimate superior choice for most vendors looking to source brown paper bags in bulk.

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