The Best 10 Dance Floor Rentals

2022 The Best 10 Dance Floor Rental Companies

Weddings, birthdays, any event will usually have a dance floor so everyone can have a great time rocking their dance moves. It means you will need a reliable dance floor rentals company to install the best portable dance floor for you.
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1. Snaplock Dance Floors
Snaplock’s specialty is portable dance floors, perfect for home, weddings, and events. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying portable dance floors, you can expect that Snaplock’s dance floor for rent can handle tough demands.
Their dance floors are smooth but performance-forgiving surfaces ideal for dancing on all day long. Snaplock features lightweight and portable dance floors to rent, 100% water-resistant, quick to install, easy to maintain, and with patented technology designed to make it last.

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2. Stuart Event Rentals
Stuart Event is a one-stop-shop for dance floor rentals and everything you will need in events and party planning. The beauty of working with Stuart is they have everything, from dance floors, chairs, glassware, china, flatware, furniture, lighting, linens, decorations, and more.
They have a wide array of services, ready to assist you by providing party rentals, corporate event rentals, wedding rentals, construction tent rentals, private parties, and more. When it comes to dance floor rentals, you will like the extensive options available at Stuart Event.

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3. Encore Events Rentals
Encore Events’ passion is to help clients have a successful, memorable event. As party experts, they assist clients with everything they might need in weddings, corporate events, winery events, even backyard barbeques.
It entails various services, including dance floor rentals. Encore Events handle the setup as well, delivering your dance floor for rental at the location and setting it up for a smooth, stress-free event. This complete assistance is what we liked the most about Encore.

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4. Create A Party Rentals
Create A Party Rentals is a premier dance floor rentals company composed of experienced events specialists. But what we liked about them isn’t just their expertise in weddings, social and corporate events, kids’ events, and celebrations, but their rental products as well.
Create A Party has at least three dance floor options—a laminate oak dance floor, an all-white dance floor, and an all-black dance floor. But if you want a different color or material for the dance floor, Noya can help customize them for you by working with Create A Party.

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5. All Occasion Rentals
At All Occasion Rentals, renting is made easy. They cater to your renting needs for weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties, school events, fundraisers, and more. They happily assist clients in various party rental needs, including a dance floor to rent.
If you check out their site, you’ll see a good selection of dance floors, including a plank dance floor, checkered dance floor, oak parquet dance floor, all-white dance floor, an all-black dance floor. They’re available in different sizes, so you can find the one that perfectly suits your needs.

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6. Pico Party Event Rentals
Pico Party is a super popular event rental in Los Angeles with more than 90 years of experience. They’re professional party planners who promise to take care of clients’ party needs, including a dance floor for rent.
One of their specialties is providing staging and flooring rentals, which includes temporary dance floors. They offer durable and portable dance floors to rent when your event needs a dancing environment, whether it’s a small, medium, or large function.

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7. A V Party Rentals
A V Party Rentals handles everything you may need for events or parties, from teaspoons to tents. Like most of the companies in this list, you can rent various items from A V Party Rentals like linens, tables, chairs, canopies, lounge furniture, and of course, dance floors.
They offer not only dance floors but staging and platforms for various events. You can rent flooring that includes American plank, white, and wood grain vinyl dance floors. They also offer carpets, plywood subfloor, staging, and stage accessories.

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8. Party Tents and Events Rentals
A locally owned and operated events rental company—that’s what Party Tents and Events Rentals are. They’ve been helping clients for more than 30 years plan and create the most memorable events, providing all kinds of rentals, including dance floor rentals.
PTE Rentals are party experts, one of the best places to go when you need a dance floor to rent. They can set up dance floors for any occasion or event, even in the wee hours. With dance floors such as oak, black and white, even plastic, you have many choices here.

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9. Reventals
At Reventals, what you can expect are high-quality products, guaranteed satisfying service, and on-time delivery. They promise you won’t receive discolored or damaged products or that they are a no-show or late. Noya can attest they are one of the best dance floor rentals.
Reventals is where you can find many kinds of dance floors, from LED dance floors to portable ones. They have white, black and white, and other colored dance floors too. The dance floor choices at Reventals make them one of clients’ go-to for parties and events.

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10. Star Rental Wedding & Events
Star Rental specializes in wedding and events rentals, helping clients turn their ideas into unforgettable events. One of the advantages of working with them is that they have a wide array of rentals, but they handle the setup and teardown as well.
When it comes to dance floors, their specialty is the portable dance floor. Star Rental provides an easy-to-install dance floor for rent that’s an excellent solution for outdoor events. They’re perfect for outdoor weddings, birthdays, and all kinds of events.
Dance floors are a must when you want a most enjoyable party or event. But it doesn’t mean you have to rent an entire dance studio. Instead, you can work with event services that offer dance floor rentals while Noya customizes promotional gifts for your events.