Best Custom Coin Suppliers At Wholesale Prices

40 Best Custom Coin Suppliers at Wholesale Prices

Have you ever worked for an organization without a promotion, recognition, or any kind of appreciation?

Custom challenge coins may be used to commemorate an event or to give out awards.

Challenge coins are an important part when it comes to military tradition. In addition, they are also used by individuals, organizations, and corporate events.

The design process for custom challenge coins is not complicated, but there are some guidelines to follow when designing them.

In this article, we are to explore the top 40 Best Custom Coin Suppliers at Wholesale Prices.

Coins Production Process From China

1. Noya – Custom Coins From China

Where do you get custom challenge coins that are high-quality and low-cost?

Noya is the leading supplier of promotional products & business gifts which is specialized in manufacturing and exporting custom challenge coins from China. With years of experience in the field, we can manufacture any custom challenge coins for you with best quality, competitive price and short delivery time.

Noya Custom Challenge Coins will surely make your brand or event more eye-catching and distinctive. No matter which size, shape, or design you want, just contact us now!

The Studio Custom Coins

2.The Studio

Whether you require 10 or 10 0000 custom coins, The Studio is one of the challenge coin makers that get you covered with the fairest price in the market. You are required to come up with an idea, picture, sketch, or artwork.

They offer free custom coin design services that enable you with your requirements. You may browse through their custom coin orders as they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Their team of experts takes the exact specifications and develops a digital sample for you to approve. After approval, they make, inspect, and deliver personalized coins to your doorstep as customer satisfaction is their priority.

GS-JJ Custom Challenge Coins

3. GS-JJ

GS-JJ is an e-commerce website that provides a high-quality product at very competitive prices as well as on-time delivery.

They manufacture and supply customized challenge coins that come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. These coins may be awarded to those people that have overcome some hardships and challenges, birthdays, and for fun.

Custom silver coins from GS-JJ may be used to boost the morale of your employees, and special events for your organization.

If you would like to reorder, it is very easy and cheap. They don’t have a minimum quantity that you can buy.

Monterey Company Custom Coin Manufacturer

4. The Monterey Company, Inc

The Monterey Company offers custom coins that are designed in the US. For more than 30 years that they have been in existence, they have taken pride in making 2 and 3-dimensional custom coins as well as coins of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Monterey Company has designed custom-made coins for several organizations, law enforcers, and the military.

As a trusted custom coin supplier, their graphic designers create high-quality designs that bring out your ideas into reality. Monterey Customized coin prices depend on the type of metal you choose, special shapes, enamel, or die-cut edges.

Signature Coins Supplier

5. Signature Coins

If you are searching for a custom challenge coin supplier with high-quality coins in a very short period of time, Signature Coins beats them all.

You can get a wide range of custom challenge coins that come in different shapes and designs with them.

Custom coin design coins symbolize achievement and companionship. Hence often, they are used to celebrate major accomplishments, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events.

Signature challenge coins generate a close and lasting relationship between givers and receivers.

They are mostly made of zinc or brass. Custom coins may be incorporated with precious metals, such as custom gold coins if required.

6. Challenge Coins Ltd

Challenge Coins Ltd. is honored to present well-made, high standards quality, low-priced products in the form of custom challenge coins.

If you wish to offer your team members a cost-effective way of commemorating their achievements, you’re at the right place. They design exclusive challenge coins that anyone would get excited to receive.

A challenge coin from Challenge Coins Ltd is a beautiful souvenir that is beyond doubt one of a kind that may be treasured for many years to come. Everyone at your organization or department would get thrilled to get such a beautiful masterpiece.


This is America’s premium custom challenge coin supplier.

If you require high-quality custom challenge coins, their team is there to assist you in putting your idea into reality.

Their professional graphic designers have, over the years, produced high-quality customized challenge coins.

Their skills and talent are a true reassurance that you won’t find such a coin with a better quality elsewhere. ensures customers’ satisfaction is above everything else. They go the extra mile and ensure the whole procurement process is as easy as possible.

The team members are prompt in their response and respond back to you within a day for quotation and in two days to prove your submission.

8. Coins for Anything 

This is one of the US’s largest veteran-owned military challenge coin makers.

The founders launched Coins for anything when they were working at barracks. Ever since its inception, they have been committed to offering high-quality custom challenge coins.

Coins for anything has diversified their market by providing custom challenge coins for the military and EMT, police, firefighters, weddings, corporations, organizations, non-profits, memorials, and many more.

They have perfected Minting customized metal challenge coins as both an art and science.

9. Military Coins USA.

If you require custom military challenge coin makers, Military Coins USA is the right source. Offering high-quality challenge coins at low prices is what they do.

You may use their quotation form to submit your ideas or coin information. They reply back to your design and price quotation through email. There are no extra charges for revision or art.

You may change the design until you get the one you’re satisfied with. When the challenge coins are approved, they go into the production stage.

If there are shipping delays, your order may take only 3 to 4 weeks after the order has been placed.

10. ChallengeCoins4Less

This US-based company produces some of the best quality challenge coins in the industry. They have a highly dedicated team that is ready to produce memorable custom challenge coins that may be used and remain a masterpiece in years to come.

ChallengeCoins4Less turns your ideas into a unique souvenir that your recipient will enjoy treasure for life.

Their high-quality custom challenge coins are produced at very low and unbeatable prices.

11.Ace Custom 

If you love to customize coins that will reflect your identity, Ace custom is the place to be.

You only require selecting the colors, size and shape fonts you desire.

At Ace Custom, they take your original design – whether a sketch or CAD drawing and bring the best out. They ensure that your custom design coin looks elegant in the military unit club, campus, and the boardroom that your colleagues will be jealous of.

Ace Custom usually uses high-quality metal that makes your custom coin stand out.

12.The Charleston Mint 

The Charleston Mint was started in 1974, and ever since, it has become an International custom coin company.

They first created custom coins for an amusement park, and it’s from there they expanded their products. It has worked with charitable organizations, churches, non-profit organizations, universities, schools, businesses, and corporations to meet its goals by producing exclusive souvenirs.

Charleston Mint doesn’t go into creation with your design, and only when you approve it. 

If there are changes that are required to be done, their experts may modify your design or have your sample regenerated, and if it is approved, it can proceed.

13.Linx Corporation

Linx Corporation is based in the USA. They are experts in custom die making. This sets them apart from their competitors that guarantee clients receive the highest quality custom coin in the market.

Linx corp professional designers are always at your disposal and help you through the procedures with their expertise and experience.

They partner with you and have a full-proof process that ensures your end product is as expected. Custom coins are shipped to you within 15-20 business days after authorization of the final product.

14. Custom Challenge Coins

If you seek unique and high-quality gifts for awards, presentations, ceremonies, club membership, or an employee’s achievements, Custom challenge coins from are the best choice.

Their design staff, and craftsmen, take pride in the designs they generate for those clients requesting their challenge coins.

The team doesn’t rush to design for you. They take precious time so that the design artwork you will receive from them leaves a long-lasting impression.

15.Osborne Coinage

This is a privately owned company based in the USA. Their core business is coin creators. Osborne Coinage makes personalized tokens, medals, key tags, challenge coins, and custom medallions.

You may customize your coins using your name, image, business logo, text, or any personalized information.

Osborne Coinage operates under high standards, and this gives them a competitive advantage over competitors. Osborne coin has a wonderful and responsive team that is great to work with. They stand behind the offering quality products and 100% customer satisfaction.

16.Metal Awards Factory

They make different challenge coins for customers with excellent service and competitive rates.

You only require furnishing them with the challenge Coin design, size, and thickness you require. Also, remember to include the number of coins you intend to purchase.

Once they have this information, they will give you a rough estimate of the total cost. The cost will include the cost of the coin design and freight charges.

30% of the deposit is made before the start of the high-quality design Challenge Coin. After they finish the creation of your customized challenge coins, they will send you a preview so that you may approve; the remaining balance is made just before shipping is done.

17. PinProsPlus

At PinProsPlus, you are always in excellent hands. They have more than 20 years of experience and excellent customer service.

They manufacture and supply high-quality custom challenge coins at the lowest rate possible. Distinct from other custom coins companies. They don’t charge a design fee and offer $100 credit for repeat orders.

They offer a superior experience and customized coins from start to finish.

PinProsPlus team of experts offers fast and efficient communication and nice designs. They are qualified, on time, and work swiftly. They have always been able to meet deadlines and are highly recommendable.

18. AT Designs

If you’re searching for value, quality products for demonstrations, ceremonies, fundraisers, promotions, wedding club memberships,   custom coins from AT Designs are an incredible option.

They have been making custom coins in their California factory for more than 46 years.

AT Designs supplies custom coins in any size, shape, finish, design, and with any other features, you may want.

AT Designs custom coins are shipped worldwide for government, military, brands, even high profile businesses, and corporations that you may think of. They also do both small and large orders.

19. Custom Cheap Coins

You can get high-quality cheap custom coins that help you save your budget; they provide fair and competitive rates for your custom coins. 

Custom cheap coins usually provide a 5% discount on your best price. It doesn’t matter the number of custom coins you order, whether 1 or 1,000; any quantity is acceptable in the company.

They do small orders at very competitive prices. If you require small orders, they deliver within 7 days.

20.Digital Jewelry 

This is one of the USA’s top manufacturers and suppliers of custom coins.

Despite creating custom coins being hard, their expert graphic designers have made it easy to produce unique, high-quality design coins. Digital Jewelry uses high-quality metal in making custom coins. 

They love to engage their clients at any time. Therefore, making it a key to their success.

They also use modern-day techniques and laser engraving procedures. This makes their customized coins matchless.

21. Sharkz Coins

This is a company run by professional graphic designers as well as customer service specialists. This allows them to produce high-quality challenge coins that stand out in Canada and the world at large.

They have fair prices, and if you like their quote, they are happy to serve you with their graphic designers to produce high-quality custom challenge coins.

Sharks coins team is dedicated to producing awesome coins that reflect pride of service, and that is what they are famous for.

You can use Sharks coins Challenge coins for appreciation, commendations, gifts, and others.

The Remaining Top 19 Custom Coins Supplier are listed below

Company Name Services Location
Token Company Manufacturer of Coins and Tokens in Metal Belgium
Fresh Promotional Australia Custom Coins Made To Order Fortitude Valley Australia
Metal Casts Custom Commemorative and Special Coins Poland
Trophy Gallery Custom Coins Canada Lloydminster, Canada
All About Challenge Coins Custom Challenge Coins USA
The Pin Factory Custom Challenge Coins & Military Coins NSW, AUSTRALIA
Unit Coins Custom Challenge Coins USA
LogoTags Custom Brass Challenge Coins NY, USA
Medaltime Custom Commemorative Coins Netherlands
Gumtoo Pvt. Ltd Custom Coins Embossed with Your Brand Logo Selangor, Malaysia
Aviator Gear Custom Challenge Coins & Military Coins FL, USA
Lone Star Challenge Coins Custom Challenge Coins TX, USA Custom Brass Coins. Challenge Coins for Events FL, USA
Metalpromo Custom Police Coins, Military Coins,  Challenge Coins USA
Gem Awards Custom Challenge Coins | No Minimums Utah USA
Coin Displays Personalized Challenge Coin USA
Challenge Coins Limited Manufacture Custom Challenge Coins USA Custom Military Challenge Coins CA, USA Design and Produce Coins, Lapel Badges, Tie Pins Dublin, Ireland


Challenge coins are created in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes. This has now become a popular culture in today’s world. Therefore, many companies have come up and produced challenge coins that boost team morale and promote a brand.

One thing is for sure; you can choose any of the challenge coin makers that create personalized coins..

This is an important task that managers require to acknowledge their employees .In addition, they  may be used to strengthen the relationship within people.