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Top 20 sticker manufacturers in 2022

Are you looking for custom printing sticker that will help to promote your business look no further? You are in the right place.

Sometimes finding the right sticker printers may be wary. This may lead you to order low-quality products if you don’t pay proper attention.

At Noya, we are a premier promotional products supplier, and we offer customized promotional products that will make our stickers elegant and durable.

In this article, we gather a list of sticker companies that will offer you the best customized sticker services.

The Ultimate Guide To Promotional Products

1. Stickers America

It is the leading bumper sticker manufacturer. They offer all the sizes and shape stickers without customized die-less 5-year bumper stickers that don’t fade.

They have a professional artwork service. Their turnaround time is 1-2 days after you approve your order.

It is very easy to place orders. All you need is to inform them of all your requirements to the custom sticker manufacturer. They give you their quotation so that you may approve from there, and they will do the design and the artwork.


2. Multi-Color Labels

This premier heat transfer sticker manufacturer offers printing services for custom product labels, waterproof labels, and custom bottle labels for business.

Customized stickers used for promoting businesses brands, removable stickers, and Low tack stickers used for promotional products.

You may order custom-made vinyl stickers and labels online. They also have digital reflective labels, heat resistant stickers, security labels, and custom perforated parking stickers. They also specialize in multi-color label stickers.


3. Fuego Stickers

They are there to help you to turn your ideas into reality. Fuergo stickers specialize in offering an easy technique in creating high-quality customer-made stickers at a very favorable and affordable rate.

They have custom die stickers that offer very fast and easy methods to promote your business event and brand. The stickers are made of a high-quality vinyl coat that helps to protect the sticker from moisture, scratch, and sunlight, therefore, ensuring its durability. They have a fast turnaround of 1 to 3 days.


4. Stickers by Sandstone

This is one of the leading sticker wholesale suppliers. They offer the finest stickers and magnets worldwide. They are perfectly designed and produced from their headquarter that is based in Huntington Beach, California.

You are bound to find these stickers and magnets all over United States gift shops, restaurants, convenience stores, and any other place where magnets and stickers are sold.

They offer different stickers and magnet programs, and pop points of purchase whereby they display their product. Their stickers and magnet may be custom-made in order to suit the client’s needs.


5. Wallsticker

It is located in sunny Santa Monica, California. They help companies in creating high-quality stickers. They have highly trained professionals who offer excellent services with a high-quality product. They create innovative products that are used in promoting brands to potential clients and the public as a whole.

They have wall stickers that are designed and created from their location. They are made of high-quality materials that include wallpaper that can be used in homes and commercial settings such as Wall advertising reception areas, corporate offices, among others.


6. ABB labels

It has served thousands of clients since its inception 30 years ago. They have been bumper sticker manufacturers that supply printed labels and packaging solutions to clients across different industries.

They have highly trained, passionate, and dedicated professionals who have worked with them for a long time.

They have several years of craftsmanship that keep with the latest technology that ensures that their clients have a world-class of new designs when it comes to sticker sheet manufacturers. At ABB, it aims at exceeding client expectations every time.


7. PCB Label

It was started back in 1938, and for the more than 80 years that they have been as a hologram sticker manufacturer. They have been providing the highest level of quality, design, and service to all its clients worldwide.

Formally it was composed of two companies that later merged and renamed as PCB label.

They are based in Los Angeles USA and have multiple operations in several companies. PCB label specializes in the manufacture of various products used in branding, woven labels, heat transfer labels, printed labels, and much more.


8. Patrick Label Printing

It was launched in 1982 and has been in the printing business that offers informative and distinctive labels. They are consistent in their job and have a very fast around time.

They are a proud and reputable company in the great Los Angeles area. The team is always ready to lend a hand with all their client’s label requirements.

Patrick label offers different labels sizes, designs, colors, and high-quality materials. They also provide same-day printing programs, bumper stickers, custom designs sticker printing, and much more.


9. Istick

This is a dedicated sticker and label vinyl sticker supplier company based in Australia. It is the leading company that you can trust with your projects.

They have the latest technology that ensures that the client gets the best and the highest quality labels.

The staff has over 20years of experience in print and design as they have worked with thousands of satisfied clients that leave them glued to their artwork.

They have bright and glossy surfaces. Every sticker and label looks awesome.


10. Hi-tech printing & labeling Inc.

This is one of the largest sticker sheet manufacturers printing companies that is large enough to get an enormous project done. Customer satisfaction is their priority as they provide a wide range of printed labels.

Other products include woven labels, printed fabric labels, self-adhesive labels, hang tags, and pressure-sensitive stickers.

They are proud of labels that are made of cotton and are unsealed at the end so as to avoid frays.

Since labels offer an important role when selling products, dome sticker manufacturers are bound to create long-lasting and durable stickers and labels that consumers may refer to for future reference.



This is a family-owned sticker manufacturers USA company that is located in Los Angeles, CA.

They have specialized in high-quality printing for all its clients ever since its establishment in 1986.

They have been of great value as they strive to take care of each of their clients’ needs and to exceed their expectations through printing services.

It has highly skilled professionals who have a passion for producing; labels. They have the latest of the art equipment that ensures customer satisfaction and builds long-term working relationships.


12. Vinyl Bandits

Vinyl bandits are based in Orange County, California. They offer a wide range of services that includes laminated stickers, custom vinyl stickers, holographic stickers, banners, eggshell, destructible stickers, dark stickers, business cards, custom labels, and much more.

They have highly experienced staff who offer excellent work by offering quality custom-made printing services. The company is driven by integrity, dedication, respect, and trust.

They are committed to offering and exceeding client’s expectations to its clients. They strive to complete projects as soon as the orders have been placed at affordable rates.


14. Nova Custom Printing

They offer high-quality and the fastest printing services in the industry. At nova, you are able to work hand in hand with a personal representative for all the printing projects throughout the process. They are able to communicate with the client at every stage of the process.

At nova self adhesive labels manufacturers, you’ll work directly with a personal account representative on all printing jobs, one on one throughout the process. We will be communicative with you every step of the way.


15. Graphic lab

This is a premiere sticker label manufacturer that is involved in commercial printing services such as banners and posters, T-shirts and apparel, variable data printing, among others.

Whether it is black and white, full color, simple or complex. They have highly experienced staff who are there to lend a hand, leaving you satisfied with the work as well as giving value for your money.

The graphic lab is just more than a printing company. They also offer variable data printing and large printing. They offer the best services in creative printing solutions.


16. Sticker Company

It is the best self-adhesive label manufacturer that will source labels, signs, custom stickers’ banners, decals, and so much more.

They offer exterior to interior permanent or temporary and everything else that may suit your budget and needs.

Their team offers creative ideas as well as a consultation that will ensure that you get the best products at a very affordable rate.

This guarantees you get excellent quality for your signs and stickers. Their stickers are highly visible; they as well offer customized printing.


17. Bitchen Stickerz

They are always proud to offer the best when it comes to stickers and decals. They strive to get authentic materials that will always offer high-quality products.

When you look at their products, you will always notice it from a distance that will probably say that bitchen.

When you place orders, you will get the best product for nerds. They will get to run around as they declare their nerdiness to the world. They always ensure you get special products that you will not get anywhere else.



It is a premier hologram sticker manufacturer that has a team with over 30 years of experience. They have high manufacturing skills and high-tech equipment that help them to produce high-quality standards projects.

Their goal is to maintain and develop long-term business relationships with their clients. As they value their reputation, integrity, and confidentiality. The team is quick to respond to clients’ needs by providing a fast turnaround. They have over 2000 label-cutting dies in their stocks.


19. Sticker Beat

Whenever you require the best and high-quality custom made stickers, sticker beat is the most preferred vinyl sticker supplier.

If you have artwork that requires being more refined, they are there to help you. Apart from the stickers, they also produce labels, decals, magnets that are different sizes and shapes.

There are different designs that you may choose from, either matte and gloss lamination. This protects the sticker from fading as well as making it scratch-resistant; turnaround time is 3 business days.


20. Sticker Beaver

Sticker Beaver is based in Canada, and the production facilities are in Calgary and Edmonton. All its operations are done here as they source all materials, skills, and labor from within.

Their first and foremost priority is to support locals. They have a turnaround of a maximum of 3 business days that is from production to shipping.

The barcode sticker manufacturer process starts after the order has been placed on the site and has been fully paid and all information required is given.