Top 19 Tyre Manufacturers and Brands in The World

Tyre manufacturers are a company that produces and sells tires. They are the top tire brand in the world with a wide variety of products. Tyre manufacturers understand that they have to adapt to changing market trends. They have been expanding their reach across sectors and regions, including developing new products and strategies.

In this list, we have compiled the top 19 tire manufactuers from around the world. We included those from China as well as those from North America and Europe.

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Tyre manufacturers

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ZC Rubber Tire

ZC Rubber Tire is a China-based tire manufacturer which was founded in 1958. The company offers a wide range of tires for vehicles including passenger cars, pickup trucks, buses and heavy equipment. It also provides related services like research and development, production design and development, sales and distribution.

ZC Rubber Tire manufactures tires for commercial vehicles like buses, heavy duty trucks etc., passenger vehicle tires like light truck tires (LT), medium truck tires (MT) and heavy duty truck tires (HD). ZC also produces retreading solutions for customers who need their old or worn out tires to be repaired or resurfaced. ZC is committed to providing quality and safety at an affordable price with a focus on customer service.



Maxxis Tire is one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world with their headquarters in Taiwan, China.  Maxxis Tire is a tire manufacturer that specializes in high-performance off-road tires. They are the only tire manufacturer to have won ten consecutive World Championship titles. They have been manufacturing tires for passenger cars, trucks, SUVs and light trucks for over 60 years. They also have a large range of racing and off-road tires for motorcycles and ATVs.
Their focus lies not only on the production side but also on research and development and engineering to innovate and transform their products for better performance.

Maxxis Tire logo



Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. is one of the top 12 tire manufacturers in the world and the second largest tire factory in China. The company has 7 R&D institutions, 7 production bases, and more than 17,000 employees worldwide. Its products are widely used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, Construction machinery vehicles, etc.

Linglong Group’s tire products have passed CCC, DOT, ECE, GCC, INMETRO, LATU, etc. certifications. The quality management system has passed ISO9001 and TS16949 certification. At the same time, it has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and established SA8000. Social responsibility management system.



Sailun Tire is a high-performance tire factory in China. Sailun Tire is mainly engaged in the production and operation of all-steel, semi-steel and engineered radial tires. It is one of the few manufacturers in China capable of producing RFID smart tires.

They specialize in manufacturing high-performance tires for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles. In recent years, they have been expanding to the international markets with great success.

Sailun Tire logo


Double Coin

Double Coin is a famous tire manufacturer in China that is well-known for creating radial truck tires of high quality. They also sell different brands of tires, including Warrior and Michelin. One of their subsidiaries is CMA, which operates in North America.

Double Coin logo


Triangle Tyre

Triangle Tire is a tire brand belonging to the Triangle Group brand products. Triangle Group was founded in 1976 and has a history of more than 30 years of professional production and manufacturing of tires. The main products include car and light truck radial tires, truck and bus radial tires, engineering radial tires, giant engineering radial tires, giant bias engineering tires and general bias tires.

Triangle Tire logo



Kenda tires, founded in 1962, belongs to Kenda Rubber (Shenzhen) Co. In addition to the establishment of factories and branches in Asia, North America, Europe, tires are also sold in more than 150 countries, can be said to be a large multinational group of companies. All of its tires have passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification and China Compulsory Product Certification “CCC”, and some of its products have also passed the U.S. Department of Transportation “DOT” certification and European “E-mark” certification.

Kenda tires logo



Aeolus is now one of the largest independent manufacturers of quality tires, producing millions of tires annually. Aeolus Tire Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s top 20 tire manufacturers, one of the key manufacturers of all-steel radial tires in China and the largest construction machinery tire manufacturer.

aeolustyre logo


Prinx Chengshan 

Four brands of tires are owned by Prinx Chengshan: Prinx, Chengshan, Austone, and Fortune. Among the company’s three main products are radial all-steel tires, semi-steel radial tires, and bias tires.

In addition to DOT certification in the United States, DOT certification in the European Union, R117 certification in the eurozone, and many other types of certification have been obtained for the products.

prinxchengshan logo



Bridgestone is a tire manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing tires for automobiles, motorcycles, commercial trucks, and aircraft. Bridgestone was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi in Japan. Today, they are one of the top two tire suppliers in the world.

Bridgestone is an international company that has over 100 production plants worldwide and employs over 75,000 employees. They have operations in 31 countries around the world including Japan, North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Bridgestone has made a commitment to be more sustainable by setting goals to reduce their environmental footprint through energy efficiency and increased recycling of their products.

bridgestone logo



Michelin is an international tire manufacturer. It was founded in 1889 by brothers Édouard and André Michelin in France. It has since expanded to other countries making it one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers.

The company has always relied on innovation to develop cutting-edge products that are safe, reliable and offer high performance in all weather conditions.

michelinman logo


Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is a leading manufacturer of tires and other rubber products. The company is headquartered in Goodyear, Arizona, in the United States. It was founded by Frank Seiberling in 1898 to manufacture bicycle and carriage tires.

Goodyear manufactures tires for automobiles, airplanes, and trucks with a global workforce of 46,000 employees in 22 countries. It has its own tire-producing factories in 10 countries around the world including USA (5), Thailand (1), Indonesia (1), Brazil (2), Argentina (1) and China (2).
The company’s most recognized brands are Dunlop, Coppertail/Firestone/Kmart Tyre Group, Fulda Industrial Tyres and Tires Plus.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company logo



Continental AG is a German tire manufacturer that has been around since 1871. The company is the largest tire manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world.
Continental produces tires for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles. They also have a large presence in North America through their subsidiary Continental Tire North America. It produces tires under various brands including Continental, General, Gislaved, Semperit, Viking Rivercrossing, and Fulda Tire.

Continental AG logo


Sumitomo Rubber Industries

The Sumitomo Rubber Industries is a tire manufacturer located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1916 and has been a major player in the industry since its conception. The company has been the first to introduce many innovations into the tire industry, such as radial tires, which have helped it maintain its competitive edge.
In 2012, Sumitomo Rubber Industries was ranked as the world’s eighth-largest tire company by sales volume and second-largest manufacturer of passenger vehicle tires.
Sumitomo Group is a conglomerate with diverse business enterprises that range from mining and petroleum to real estate development and telecommunications.

Sumitomo Rubber logo



Pirelli was an Italian tire manufacturer that was founded in Milan in 1872. It is now one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers and one of the five biggest worldwide construction equipment manufacturers. The company’s headquarters are located in Milan and it has 24 production plants and 13 research and development centers throughout the world.
Pirelli produces tires for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, earthmovers and heavy equipment, aircraft and space shuttles.

pirelli logo



Hankook Tire is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, which produces tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses and heavy-duty vehicles. The company’s headquarters are in Seoul Korea.
Hankook Tire was established in 1941 in Seoul under the name of Junghwa Tire Industry. The company’s name changed to Hankook Tire when it was incorporated on March 31, 1968. Hankook is currently one of the three leading tire manufacturers in Korea together with Kumho and Michelin Korea.
Hankook produces about 18 million tires annually with its revenue exceeding 9 billion dollars annually as of 2017. The company’s main facilities are located at Ulsan and Pyeongtaek, South Korea which produce passenger car tires and truck tires respectively.

Hankook Tire logo



GITI Tire Singapore is one of the top tire brands in Singapore with a client list including almost every major automotive company such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and many more.
Giti Tire adopts a multi-brand strategy to meet market demand with a complete, high-quality product line, with North America and Europe as its main export markets, and its products selling well in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Giti is the larger international tire manufacturer in China and the 14th in the world in terms of sales. The key to Giti Tire’s success is to follow the principle of fairness in business and to invest in human resources, product development, and equipment technology.

GITI Tire logo



Apollo Tire is a tire manufacturing company that provides basic tires with long-lasting performance.
Apollo Tyres is headquartered in Haryana India. It was founded in 1972 by Onkar Singh Kanwar.
Apollo Tire is one of the leading manufacturers of tires in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company operates more than 150 facilities in over 29 countries. Apollo Tire manufactures a wide range of tires for passenger cars, light trucks, OE replacement, agricultural vehicles, and off-road use.

Apollo Tire logo



Nokian is a Finnish tire manufacturer. It was founded in 1932 by the Nokian Rubber Company. Nokian Tyres is the world’s only tire manufacturer to produce both snow and summer tires from natural rubber. It has been producing winter tires for more than 80 years.

Nokian tyres logo



In the future, we will see a shift from traditional to all-electric cars. This will not make the demand for tyres on electric cars lower and offer new opportunities for car tire manufacturers. In this changing scenario, some of the traditional tyre brands will be displaced by new companies that are looking at ways to improve on existing products and develop innovative products that can cater to the needs of all types of consumers.

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