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Wholesale Pampas Grass

Selling this decorative plant in retail outlets happens to be a very profitable business. Small businesses that sell branded vases with fake pampas grass tend to hit profit margins of over 100%. To do this, they buy bulk artificial pampas grass from companies like Noya and refashion it in whatever form of décor they wish. Afterward, the final product is displayed in décor exhibition shops and sold at retail.
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Wholesale Pampas Grass

If you are a décor enthusiast, you might know how alluring and eye-catching faux pampas grass is. In the modern 21st century world, artificial pampas grass has been a symbol of prestige and class. This is why it’s not uncommon to see celebrities showing off their wide collection of fake pampas grass décor.

Wholesale Pampas Grass Décor
Wholesale Pampas Grass Décor

Some floral installations require lots of decorative elements to beautify. For such situations, you can consider using wholesale tall pampas grass décor which will end up being cheaper and stunning. The good thing with using pampas grass as a decorative item is that it can be altered into many shapes and designs. For instance, you can use painted vases to display dyed pampas grass in aisles and porches.

Bulk Dried Pampas Grass

If you are a floral professional wondering where to get dried fake pampas grass in bulk, then you can consider making an order from Noya. We specialize in supplying customers with real dried ornamental grass for all events and decorative purposes. Pampas grass in particular is very fluffy and pleasing to the eye, hence a practical option when it comes to decorating large spaces.

Wholesale Pink Pampas Grass
Wholesale Pink Pampas Grass

Pink pampas grass has become popular nowadays as a home décor element. Natural pampas grass can be of many varied colors although most people just know of white pampas grass. At Noya, we sell colored pampas grass of different colors including pink, yellow, blue, and purple pampas grass. All these colored pampas grass species belong to the Cortaderia genus only that they differ a little bit.

Wholesale Fake Pampas Grass

Just like natural pampas grass, artificial pampas grass is also available in the retail market. However, when comparing the two, fake pampas grass tends to be a better solution for indoor decorations since it does not shed off its flowers easily. Most indoor décor businesses sell wholesale pampas grass that is synthetic since it’s more resilient when handling it. In addition, the replicas are made exactly like the real pampas grass hence serving the purpose just like the real thing.

Bulk Artificial Pampas Grass

Artificial pampas grass has a lot of ornamental applications. For instance, it can be used to adorn wedding ceremonies and embellishing interior spaces such as aisles and porches. Professional photographers also use this type of grass as an accessory in photoshoots. If you need bulk tall pampas grass for any decorative or commercial purposes, you can simply make an order from us. We will supply you with any amount of ready-colored Cortaderia grass that you might need.

Bulk Pampas Grass Wedding
Bulk Pampas Grass Wedding

You might also be looking for bulk artificial pampas grass specifically for sprucing up a wedding. In this case, you ought to find a reliable supplier of decorative grass and also hinge on a supplier that can provide varied types of Cortaderia grass. Noya, is a reputable supplier of all types of faux pampas grass in China and the entire Asian region. If you are a wedding designer or happen to own a business that sells artificial pampas grass at retail, you can always bank on us to supply you with the best of these ornate grasses in bulk.

White Pampas Grass Wholesale

White pampas grass is one of the fastest-moving ornamental grass in the retail market. The reason behind this is the fact that white pampas grass can be fashioned into many floral designs as required. In addition, the allure of plain white Cortaderia grass matches almost all interior paint colors as well as outdoor color textures. Therefore, if you are wondering which pampas grass color is perfect for your indoor decorations, white Cortaderia is a good bet.

Wholesale Pampas Grass Wreath
Wholesale Pampas Grass Wreath

Pampas grass can be fashioned into beautiful wreaths for beautifying places. If you are planning to restock your décor shop with beautiful flower wreaths, you can order wholesale artificial pampas grass from us. Grass wreaths are more durable and appealing than standard flower wreaths. Moreover, grass wreaths can be fashioned into many designs including attaching assorted flowers into the circlet. You can also incorporate colored faux grass flowers into the wreath to jazz it up.

Large Pampas Grass Wholesale
Large Pampas Grass Wholesale

There are also large Pampas grass which is uniquely beautiful. In most cases, large Cortaderia grass flowers are used for photoshoots and outdoor decoration. For an outdoor beautification project, you can opt to use naturally growing pampas grass, whereas, for indoor décor, the most suitable option would be large dried artificial pampas grass. Alternatively, go for large artificial Cortaderia grass which you can apply to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Pampas Grass Bouquet Bulk
Pampas Grass Bouquet Bulk

One might be wondering, can pampas grass flowers be fashioned into beautiful bouquets. Well, the answer is a straight Yes. Bulk artificial pampas grass can be shaped into large stunning bouquets which can be used in various beautification projects. It’s mind-blowing to know that you can even make a wedding bouquet from white pampas grass. Other applications of Cortaderia grass bouquets in weddings is when setting up the decorating

Wholesale Red Pampas Grass
Wholesale Red Pampas Grass

Usually, it’s easier to get all types of wholesale pampas grass in the spring season. If you have a client that needs bulk red pampas grass in particular and you are having trouble getting enough for him or her, you can start looking into alternatives. A good alternative to natural red pampas grass is buying dyed Cortaderia grass. If that is not available, you can as well consider buying artificial pampas grass of the desired color.

Get Artificial Pampas Grass And Shipped Right To Your Door

If you want to join the bandwagon that appreciates the beauty of this fluffy plant and its economic value, Noya has a solution for you. Our company is a leading supplier of wholesale faux pampas grass in China and the entire Far East region.


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Wholesale Pampas Grass: The Complete FAQ Guide

What is pampas grass

What is pampas grass?

Pampas grass is a tall ornamental grass of the Poaceae family that resembles reeds. This grass is very common in South America and likes tropical and subtropical climates.

Nevertheless, pampas grass can be nurtured to grow in other less friendly regions including some cold regions where it has to be grown in pots. The scientific name of fake pampas grass is Cortaderia selloana.

How to dry pampas grass

How to dry pampas grass?

The process of drying natural pampas grass is quite taxing especially because you most likely want to protect the fluffy art from shedding.

All the same, when dried properly and handled correctly, pampas grass does not shed that easily. Follow the following steps when drying pampas grass:

Cut your pampas grass stems at reasonable points to endure that the stalks are long enough.

Group the stems into small bunches, preferably those of the same length.

Assuming that you have already constructed a drying stand for the grass, relocate the stand to a dry warm place. This place must be sheltered from the rain.

Now tie the small bunches of pampas grass with rubber bands and hang them upside down on the stand.

Ensure that there is enough space in between the stalks to guarantee a good airflow. This prevents rotting.

Give the grass at least two weeks for drying while carefully turning the stalks every three to four days.

Where does pampas grass grow

Where does pampas grass grow?

Pampas grass grows best in tropical regions such as Brazil, Chile, and most of South America. It can also grow in subtropical and mediterranean regions without any huge concerns or any intensive care.

However, to grow this plant in colder regions, you must give it a lot of attention and tending.

When does pampas grass bloom?

Just like most grasses, Cortaderia grasses bloom in August and September. The grasses can maintain their glamorous plumes for months, sometimes up to February, depending on how friendly the weather is.

However, as winter sets in, the grass grows dormant up until early spring.

How fast does pampas grass grow?

Since pampas grass is a perennial crop, it tends to take a bit longer to grow than most grasses. The average duration of growing pampas grass from seed to maturity is anywhere between two and four years.

Despite this, the grass can last for more than ten years without the need to replant it. Over this duration, the grass will just be germinating, blooming, and getting dormant around the different seasons.

After planting the Cortaderia seeds, you can expect to see bulbs within the first year.

Packaging for Artificial Pampas Grass

How to preserve pampas grass?

As mentioned earlier, pampas grass is pretty delicate and hence requires serious preservation methods. One sure way to preserve this type of grass and guarantee that the fluff doesn’t shed off is by drying it completely.

To preserve pampas grass by drying, simply hang it upside down on a stand and put the stand in a room that is dry and warm. After two weeks, the grass will be completely dry.

You can further protect it by spraying hairspray onto the fluff to harden it. This will not only harden the fluff but also stop further absorption of moisture, hence preserving it.

How long does pampas grass last?

Once cut and dried, pampas grass can last for up to three years or more. This of course depends on how well the grass is kept or maintained.

To maintain the vibrant look on dried pampas grass, it is recommended that you regularly take your piece of grass décor outside or near a window to get some sunlight.

Some people try to water the stalks to keep them moist but this is not necessary.

How to fluff pampas grass

How to fluff pampas grass?

To fluff up pampas grass you have to trigger the plumes to open up. This can be done by blow-drying the already dried fluff with moderate heat.

When blow-drying pampas grass, put your blower on a low heat setting and do it gently to avoid detaching the plumes from the stalk.

How to bleach pampas grass

How to bleach pampas grass?

You might be wondering how you can achieve an all-white look on pampas fluff. Well, the answer is simple, bleach the pampas grass to get a pure natural white color on the fluffy plumes.

To bleach pampas grass, follow these simple steps:

Dip the grass into a small basin filled with a suitable bleach solution. In this case, we recommend food bleach, which is safe for both the human skin and fabric.

Give the plumes a few minutes in the solution while turning the stalks momentarily.

Once they have whitened up, dip the wet fluff into a basin full of cool clean water. This is meant to dissolve the excess bleach solution from the plumes to neutralize the corrosive effect of the bleaching liquid.

Finally, dry the fluff through the recommended process. You will have your final result of pure white Cortaderia grass.

How to dye pampas grass

How to dye pampas grass?

Dying pampas grass is a good way to get a particolored look on pampas grass. The process of dying pampas grass is very straightforward.

One thing to note though is that pampas grass can be dyed when wet or dry as it does not make a difference. The process of dying pampas grass is as follows:

Prepare your concentrated dye by pouring a sachet of your dying powder into a bottle of warm water.

Shake it vigorously and pour it into a bucket as you add about two to four liters of warm water. The amount of water you add here is limited to how concentrated you want the color to look on the fluff. More water means very little color concentration.

Now dip the fronds and fluff into the dying solution and leave it for 10 minutes. By this time the fluff will be colored.

Now dry the fluff by hanging it upside down so that the excess dye can drip off. Once the drying process is complete, you will have your newly dyed Cortaderia grass.

After this, fluff it up a little bit to make the flower look nice and robust.

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